Friday, 30 September 2011

yu's sexy pad (edit)

added jades changes! (but still let me know if it needs to be tweaked)
changes to yus carriage.

day one;

day two; (only difference is the red magazine)

have uploaded both to dropbox but if there are any more crits let me know! i think i messed up on the blind o__o


  1. Yu's smexy pad is mighty smexy!!!! Omg, you are amazing Michelle!

    I love the room! It's perfect! One more tweak about the blinds (which would probably make it so much more easier for you( would to change it to a material/roller blind like .... . I'd suggest making it the same colour as the chair that you've painted?

    Other than that, this is PERFECT! And we just need bgs of the train after the crash scene and we'll be done! Maybe an odd bit of scenes from Yu's house but let me write the script first XD.

    To save on time, I've decided to merge blogologue 2.1 into the day5's blogologue with lots of teaser images and stuff like that. Not sure how I'd do that, but I'll see lol.

    Thanks Michelle! I'm really proud of ya! ;D

  2. thanks jade! ive edited and changed it now but i think i forgot the shading.. not sure if it needs it but still o__o

    glad to be of help!!

  3. Ah wow these are so amazing. You're real awesome Michelle. You've become so good at painting backgrounds and characters and stuff. Nothing to say other then this looks increadible.

  4. thanks very much mike ^//^ i blame drawing nothing but backgrounds for my FMP.. <3

  5. Looking pretty darn spectacular. It's really great to see this, it is a lot more traditional than I had expected, but it is very yummeh! Haha!

    Working away on the bar as we speak, I'll keep going with that in evenings after work this week! =)

    Take care!

  6. thanks mongoose! please let me know with the bgs if there is anything you envisioned differently or want changed :o

  7. A little late but I totally approve. I'm doing the post production to them now :3


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