Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ye Feng Back Streets design

Hey Guys this is one of the backstreet ideas i have for the city, i was more of the back streets from Shenmue 1.

lol the wires where the hard part of the it like in most places in Asia they have high wires every where so have to add that to the mix, but knowin where to place them was heck on this.

I had to do it in pen after coz it was so messy in pencil lol

Still needs some work tho, but this is the first any way

hope you guy like


  1. Wow Errol...I really wasn't expecting this much work!!!

    I totally love it....I really don't know what to say! It's one thing that you guys are really committed to this project, it's another (at least for me) to see my crazy ass ideas being constructed right in front of my eyes with the help of you guys. You're awesome!!

    I gotta sleep but expect a full comment on this soon, it deserves it! ;)

  2. AWESOME work errol! i didnt realise that you drew this at first!!!! this is so great, awesome work!! nice perspective

  3. Lol Errol, your work has paid off!!

    My mind literally exploded with cool ideas and scenes when you showed this to me last night!! I can't write down all my ideas abt the moment (cos I had like several) so I will keep coming back to refer to your drawing!

    Really impressed with the technical details as well as conceptual details too (jeez, all the detail in those shutter panes!!). You've improved on drawing so much too, keep it up!!

    Moar plz :]

  4. Thanks Ruki lol :D the perspective for this was harder than i thought especially with where the road ends up the road :)

    LOL ive done it again ive unleashed your imagination with rocket fuel again Jade lol,to tell you the truth when i was doin this i was imagining myself as Yu, and thinkin how the street would look to me after looking at the pics i found from Asian Back Streets.
    Playing Shenmue didnt hurt ever lol :D

  5. That's just how I roll man ;D. Gotta see other people's stuff before my own creative endeavours manifests itself >_<!

    If I had more time, I would help you with the research but think all my mojo is spread over everywhere XD

    Well done Errol! Keep it up!

    (Ps do you have a dreamcast? Can't remember if you do )

  6. Thanks Boss will do ;D

    (PS: Yes yes i do ... i love my Dreamcast :D)

  7. Who doesn't love dreamcast. ;) Really nice work though dude, impressed! Perspective is.awesome and I love all the little details. Maybe after the interiors are done and we have some more time we could 3D this baby up. =D

  8. Thanks dude
    Swweeeeet i would love o see that ;)


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