Tuesday, 27 September 2011

indeed it is a splendid butt

okay heres my attempt at some train guard and bartender designs based on mike's earlier pics;



and i tried to do some kemi fanservice... i really did XD



  1. HAHAHAHAH SEMXY KEMI SURE IS SMEXY!!! Now...where's Rumzi? I think he'll like it XDD

    The bartender looks awesome, I can't believe that you've managed to give him such a range of personalities through your designs o_O.

    Lol the guard Brock eyes lolo XD All the guard designs so far have Brock eyes muwahahah XD. Love the guard, although for some reason his clothes look slightly too big for him? That's actually really cute XD Maybe we can have newbie guard... XD

    I've just noticed, is Kemi taking off or putting on her right sock? XD And where is this place hmm?? Yu's house? HAHA.

  2. *awaits rumzis comment*

    oh thanks :o i just dont know which one to pick lol

    ahh and for the brock eyes i thought it looked funny haha :D doesnt need to be like that for the real thing though, was just copying mike!

    hmm.. and i guess take it as you want ;) is she getting ready to get up or to go to bed?

  3. It's great, I'm having loads of ideas for what kind of person the bartender can be ... it's fun! He'll be a drinks connoisseur of some sort that's for sure!

    I forgot that I've already scanned in the guard, I shall post it up soon XD Brock eyes ftw!

    I've just noticed (again) that Kemi is wearing a strapless bra? XDDD

  4. haha well then mission accomplished :D

    cant wait to see it!

    and how cheeky of you to notice jade!!! ohhhh my oh my c;

  5. So in lieu of Rumzi's comment, I shall say this. Ahem. I think shes taking her socks off :P. Also, I can see us creating an unlockable gallery if you know what I mean ;)

    Characters are looking really awesome. Dunno what it is about the train guard and brock eyes. They just fit so well.

  6. seeing as i dont know where her other sock is i think that might be right..

    thanks :D
    and yeah they do.. i blame you ><

  7. I approve of this unlockable gallery idea.

  8. I approve of this Hungry Whispers Beach Volleyball game and have already started designing it :O The only character is Kemi.

  9. Next you'd want Kemi in a maid outfit....

  10. LOOL Hungry Whispers extreme beach volleyball. With Kemi camera mode. Brilliant idea.

  11. wow... am i gonna have to draw more kemi fanservice....
    =p haha

  12. wooow Kemi looks way to sexy hehe

  13. Kemi is awesome isn't she?! Will you colour that pic one day Michelle?

  14. the bartender does look french... how dare you use stereotypes michelle XD
    im sorry ;w;


    and wow.. i dont think ill colour it but i might do some more like it if there is this unlockable gallery thing.? XD

  15. Hahah doo eeeet!! I love random drawings like these :D :D

  16. lol i used a bit of stereotypes to Ruki but french Bartenrers are kool :D

    unlockable gallery thing?


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