Friday, 30 September 2011

yu's sexy pad (edit)

added jades changes! (but still let me know if it needs to be tweaked)
changes to yus carriage.

day one;

day two; (only difference is the red magazine)

have uploaded both to dropbox but if there are any more crits let me know! i think i messed up on the blind o__o

Oh you guyz..../Team Wasabi Meet up SUNDAY/ HW update

Our random deviant who did our first fanart has kindly provided a tutorial!! >__<

(I love the I'm on a horse reference XD). How awesome is that?!?! Again, really sorry for shoving this into everyone's faces...I'm just so like...WHUT?! MUST...SHOW...OTHERS...!

And not really a fanart but it features Yu and I thought it was really sweet lol (from another random deviant too!). D'awwww >____< 

Yu arguing with my OC Seth and Apollo appreciating this spectacle XD, and the rendition of my avatar! WAH! I heartz them all <33333.
I've decided to decide (lol) on the day in which we should go to the PLAYER Live Gaming Festival to be SUNDAY.  For several reasons: if we did meet up on sat I've a feeling we would need to rush off plus we'd be tired before the gig on sat. So by moving it to Sunday, I can dedicate a whole day for Team Wasabi! I also just remembered that I'm having luncheon with the parents on sat so...yeh big day is big!

HW stuff:
Well, as everyone's the 30th! And we're still working on Day1 stuff O_O.  Most likely we're not going to get up to my target day5 done (noes) so... I'm wondering what's everyone's schedule looking like?  

The plan will be to at least finish everything up until day2 which I shall amend the ending of to make it end in a cliff hanger and hint about what will happen in the full demo (should we ever finish it XD).

==>What are everyone's thought about this? <==

Bare in mind that we need to finish said assets for Day1-2 as well test and tweak things.  I didn't realise that it'll take this long to tweak the cutscene into the Wasabi engine either so I'd rather do a short high quality demo rather than a LQ long demo if peeps know what I meanz.

I'm really happy with everyone's work and your commitment so far....again I really can't thank everyone enough!  We really are getting close to the end now! Just a little more to go ^__^

**Team Wasabi hugs**

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wasabi engine and cut scene update

So first of - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't all be here.

Anyway just doing a quick post as I've updated the engine, or to be more precise I've updated the cut scene part of the engine. A lot of people commented on a sound glitch with the typing sound effect playing after the cut scene had finished. I'm not entirely sure why this is but it should be corrected now as I removed all the typing sounds from the SWF itself and placed them within the engine instead. Also I corrected all the fonts. All it involved was me downloading and installing the fonts and flash figured out the rest so that was easy. Also I found out why ampersands and certain letters weren't displaying originally, it was due to the fact I hadn't properly embedded the font. But that's done now so it's all working.

Only thing left to be added are the rest of the sounds and music (Jade could you drop box these as I couldn't find them within the audio folder) tweek the sounds that are there (I'm pretty sure I've used some sounds in the wrong place) and maybe tweek some of the animations. And yeh I think thats it. Also please note there are no typing sounds after the first two pages, those shall be added later though.

yus room attempt 1 and carriages

okay first of all

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAAADEEE! wanted to get these up today for you <3

now then now then...
the train corridor backgrounds.. i added more space at the bottom, more lights, changed the door signs and added the note above yus door.
did i do it right? anymore changes? its uploading to drop box now~

and heres how im getting on with the yus room background but i think i really need some feedback before i can do anymore! im not sure on the colour scheme or even if ive drawn over it right :/ dont be scared to crit this harshly!!

wooooooooo am tired x__x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ye Feng Back Streets design

Hey Guys this is one of the backstreet ideas i have for the city, i was more of the back streets from Shenmue 1.

lol the wires where the hard part of the it like in most places in Asia they have high wires every where so have to add that to the mix, but knowin where to place them was heck on this.

I had to do it in pen after coz it was so messy in pencil lol

Still needs some work tho, but this is the first any way

hope you guy like

Jade in London 28th Sept - 2nd Oct/ Team Wasabi Meet

First of all:


I can't wait! Dorian Concept + Tom Chant, Austin Peralta, Grey Reverend and Kutmah :D.  I've no idea who the others are apart from Dorian Concept but I've a feeling this is going to be too sweeeet.


I'll be in London tomorrow until the 2nd (so back to Bath on the 3rd).  I propose a Team Wasabi meet up either on the Sat (1st) or the Sun (2nd).  Can't stay too long as Mike and Michelle will be joining me at the Barbican Hall for 8pm so it'll have to be an early meet up?  Also let me know if anyone's interested in the Science Museum for the Player event (check facebook).


My RSI in my right elbow has been getting really bad again recently so I'll have to take a mini break from digital drawing.  Which is perfect timing because I'll be in London and I haven't really decided on the Bartender character or Kemi's sprite pose yet.  I'll be able to use the time to work on my write up, possibly start more sound design stuff, definitely go over the script and do more rough character sketches for the other characters (I'm looking at you Crazy Old Man and Angry Phone Guy!).


Anyway.... ML and Rumzi should be churning out more backgrounds soon.  Give them a poke and make sure they don't lose pace lol.  I may not be online all the time but please give a text/call if anything.  It's already October and we don't have long to get up to day5!!!

This won't make sense to you but this is for Mike to tweak the fonts from the Cutscene: ('' denotes as above).

Before you begin <-- Droid Sans Mono, 20pt #cccccc
Next Page buttons <-- Andale mono, 18pt, #ffffff
Studio Wasabi <--- '', '', #999999
Hungry <-- LLrubber Grotesque, 72pt, #ffffff
Whispers <--- Seedy Motel, 72pt, #cccccc
Demo/A team wasabi production <-- Andale mono, 18pt, #999999
Blogologue text:
- Travelling typewriter, 20pt, #cccccc
Until it goes to the line "I couldn't tell them..." where the colour changes to #000000
Low battery <--- Droid Sans Mono, 20pt, #0099FF with a glow filter of the or slightly lighter colour. Forgot to check but whatever looks good and is readable.


I'm off to bed XD

Kemi's Phone design

...*looks at Rumzi* ...

Yeeeh .... any ideas for that? lol

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Did somebody say working cut scene?

Alright, so only two days after declaring it wasn't going to work in engine its all working in engine. Unfortunately it wasn't as simple as I wanted it to be of getting it into the engine. But I'm sure you don't care about all that!

There are some missing fonts, animations and sound effects but I shall add those later. I wanted to get something working together just to show everyone. Overall however I think doing it this way will in the long run it will make things a lot easier and better. Also I fixed the glitch (well it wasn't really a glitch but lets call it one for arguments sake) in which the text would 'jump' in the opening. It doesn't do that anymore. Few problems, the letter 'z' in 'froze' wont display and it doesn't like ampersands. God knows that my engine has got against those two. I'll work on finding that out though. The ampersand I can kinda understand but the letter 'z'!? Anyway, enjoy!

(lol just noticed a glitch where sounds from the opening start playing again. I forgot about that)

Train WIP: Yu's Room

An update of Yu's room on the train. I have grander plans for this yet, but time is of the essence at the moment! It shall be onto the bar next!

The curved shelf idea took inspiration from a concept sketch (It was either Mike or JD's I think) which had a curved chest of drawer unit. I'm a sucker for curves, but the chest of drawers was too large to fit in the room, so I incorporated it into the shelving/wardrobe unit. Then I though, hell it! Why not turf a light in the back of it adding another ambient light source to the room. Once that picture frame/tv screen is on, should be able to have some really nice lighting going on in here.

train bg 1 update

Slightly updated this background, the only things I'm a bit concerned with is the dissappearing carriage, whether we need space at the bottom (or we make it black?) and the handles of the doors lol..

moar crit? did i forget to change something? should i make the lighting less subtle and have the shadows darker?



Go forth, comment and shower this person with pure love!!!!!!!!!

I've died and gone to heaven right?? Right?!

Brock Eyes FTW II

Tickets yo'.

Gone to get some eats then see whether I can tackle Kemi and bartender before going to London tomorrow!  I still have half of my chocolate covered coffee beans on my desk so it should happen. IT WILL HAPPEN DAMNIT.

Michelle's bg + Interface test

I also found this on dA:

Whooooop! *Goes back to making guard sprite*

Brock eyes ftw

See whether I can do as many sprites as I can before I go London!

indeed it is a splendid butt

okay heres my attempt at some train guard and bartender designs based on mike's earlier pics;



and i tried to do some kemi fanservice... i really did XD


Yu's items for Day1

 Phone closed...

 Phone opened after examination...

Yu's fancy wallet, "Maul Smith" designer brand.

And his ticket with amended spelling.

I'll stop here for today in item colouring and go back to sprites XD.  TO THE TRAIN GUARD...after snoozies....

Monday, 26 September 2011



So erm yeh! Remember when I said the cutscene doesn't work in the engine? I LIED! Or to put it another way; It didn't work, I spent an entire day trying to get it to work, revisited it for less then an hour or so today and managed to figure it out. I still need to do a bit of work on it but I've tested it out over and over this time and every things working. I should be able to post it up tomorrow.

(This took me ages to post as I was looking for the perfect image)

Background Post-Production testy

Michelle's done some awesome background painting which quite frankly just blew my mind away.

Here are some examples in what I mean by ''applying the post production" ... exhibit 1:


A)Filter texture application

B) Light highlights

c) Sunset colour filters (since Yu comments about how 'warm' it is and makes him feel a bit sick, plus will contrast to the 'cold' colours of his room).

d) Creepy filter (it's actually a dark blue gradient at the bottom right corner to contrast with the pools of lights and give it a slightly ominous atmosphere.  Subtle but necessary).

e) Special nightime version which wouldn't be used but stil quite effective in a weird way?

Thank you so much Michelle! Once ML has finished (tomorrow) would it be okay for you to do more background stuff?!  I seriously can't thank thee enough...I'm so pumped about this project again :DDDD

1st background attempt


original render;

colouring attempts;

my first try at colouring over the backgrounds but am not sure this is how you want it to be? :o
crit is welcome and encouraged for I am deeply confused and think i got the lighting wrong! XD the pillars are a bit wonky but i can fix, just wanted to upload an attempt.

The Japanese market for VNs (at least for galge).

An interesting article I found from dA's VN group:

Yu's House 2

I think the house is done now. I also added the requested changes and put the floors on top of each other and added connecting stairs. If some areas seem completely black, it is just the weird default shadows, the ceiling is actually there lol.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

"Don't Panic" Plan. / Jade in London / Wasabi meet

Dun dun duuuun!

Alrighty guys, we're not in a good situation at the moment because my cutscene doesn't want to fully work with Mike's Wasabi Engine (darn) but it's cool, don't panic!

What I've suggested for Mike:
- Post up the problem on forums
- Work and focus on previous prototypes to see whether we can get a basic working engine, therefore
- I've relieved Mike of any artwork duties and this is where I'll need your help lol.

- I'll try and rope that programmer guy on dA after Mike has finished his post.

Rumzi has just about done Yu's house, once I've confirmed where the cameras will go, he'll provide some hi res pics for you guys to paint over.  Make it as messy and painterly as possible: anything that would require the least amount of time and style that is easily applicable for the train backgrounds while ML finishes off his renders (due Tues).

Rumzi will start working on the ML's train file to see what he can come up with (train bar area), again same process for you artists.

I'm afraid I'll have to get some help with painting over the items that Rumzi has done as I'll be scrambling around to finish off the sprites and do the cutscenes and everything else.

By then, Mike will be able to help out with artwork stuffz and I'll stick with doing just the sprites.

Plan b will consist of:

- Re-programming everything into actionscript 2 and basically following/copying what I've done for TKON. I at least know that everything works just about but I'll need to change my interface design to keep it the same as TKON as we won't have time to work things out.

- Everyone else will have to take over the artwork including the sprites.  I'll just write up that it's a collaborating project where I can solely focus on the engine and the sound design in conjunction with the artwork so don't worry about it being all different styles.  I will not have any artwork done apart from the the interface designs and the cutscenes again.  If time is still of an essence depending on how fast I'm working compared to everyone else, I may get someone to do the cutscenes in its entirety and I'll just animated it.  Don't worry, I'll draw up the story boards and do all the dialogue. Focus will be on the train scenes.

- I'll cut the script down to Day1-2 instead of Day1-5. Meaning I'll cut out all the bits of players exploring Yu's house.  Once Yu gets to his house after the crash, something creepy will happen in the house and police officers will turn up telling him about his sister being a murder suspect and currently missing.  A shame that Rumzi's work will be wasted of what he's done to the house but right now we need to focus on the train.

So please be prepared and not be offended if arty people working on Yu's house work will be dropped if that is the case.

Things to cut out to save time:
- Scroll Text
- Added animation in cutscenes/blogologue
- Character design consistency
- Amend script

We'll know which plan to go for in the next 5 days or'll be a rough October everyone!!!

I am in London 28th-2nd Oct.  I propose a Team Wasabi meet!! Anyone free?!

Yu's house blue print update + Yu's train ticket lol

 Just to make the wall divider a bit clearer (see 3rd pic), front door label added to make it clear where the front door is (thanks Errol) XD.
 I probs should've added the red squares like downstairs but I believe the pic below will explain all...
 View point from front door into the left side of the archway towards the living room and the wall divider.
View to the other side of the archway, if Rumzi could change the chest of drawers thingy to waist height that'll be awesome.  If we can get this done, Michelle and maybe a few others can start painting over these for the time being?  ML needs some more time to sort out the train environments so until then, Rumzi will be helping out with the train stuff.  If anyone has free time, I suggest painting over the item designs that Rumzi has kindly done just so that we can get some assets finished!! Cheers!

Oh yeh, Yu's train ticket XD :