Monday, 19 September 2011

Script day1.2b

hungrywhispers-script1.2b there has been a few changes mainly adding some minor dialogue for extra things to click on like the bathroom in Yu's compartment. Due to the interface being changed slightly, I had to cut down on the amount of words being shown in a single line (max 3 lines) so some dialogue has some extra lines to accommodate that.  I'll add more descriptive text when the time comes because I'm not sure how the BGs will look like yet.

Just noticed a mistake GCS/CELL CONV line 4.  That's been edited XD.
Line 5 = sounds a bit weird for me so I might change it soon.  Maybe I'll just change it to just "I managed to escape in the end though!"
Line 6 = Haha yeh ... well you know.  They're old and the first born son [will] always get the attention!
IGD, line 4 = God, I'm [in] such a state.  I definitely need a drink.
IGD, line 1 = Wait ... I forgot to get my a drink.

Jeez, I should re-read things more before I post them up >_<!

Other things in which I've changed is that I've tried to make Yu sound a bit more 'formal' to make a contrast to his sister but I think he'll slip into informal tendencies whenever he talks to Kemi though.

Also, players can choose which drinks Yu can get coffee/beer/wine XD but the results will be the same either way XD.



  1. Tim here:
    Page 3:line 6
    journey's halfway point and travelling on schedule.
    journey's halfway point and presently on scheduale.
    Page 4:line 5
    I’m sorry to leave the earlier than planned.
    I’m sorry I had to leave earlier than planned.

  2. I will keep looking at it to see if I forgot something. Also I came across some art which could help out the graphics side of development.
    The art style is reminiscent some of the stuff the artists are doing.

  3. AWESOME FIND TIM! Will post a link about it!!!

  4. am totally going to re-read the whole script in the next few days so i can keep up XD sorry about this haha

  5. also i like that you can choose different alcoholic options but they are ultimately the same... just like in persona haha

  6. Gotta pretend to make the players more in control when they're not ;)

    Great! Yeh sorry for the bed time reading guys! ^ ^

  7. no prob no prob jade! im ashamed that i havent been keeping up to date, im so sorry ><

  8. NP! You were busy afterall but I'm sooo glad you're back *hugs* ; A ;

  9. me too! i feel like an awful group member, if this were a sitcom id be the one that was all over the place and hardly ever at home lol

  10. LOL! In that case I'll be the mother trying to keep everyone together :B


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