Tuesday, 13 September 2011

More VLC Snaps / Cityshots

While the series is a bit meh, it does have brilliant background scenes and music by YUKI KAJIURA <3.

I love this shot.

Like the use of foreground/background here.

Just to contrast with how the bg is done from insanely detailed to pretty detailed with a lot of blur.

And as a bonus, the ED by Kalafina <3


  1. really? the series is a bit 'meh'? ahhh i wasnt sure if i should check it out or not, is it worth it?

    cool referenceeee

  2. Pros:
    - Animation = AWESOME
    - Music = AWESOME (Yuki Kajiura <333)
    - Story is actually really dark
    - 12 eps and finished

    Cons: (Personal cons might I add)
    - Loli...and lots of them
    - Not only are they Lolis, they're magical girl lolis!
    - Due to the fact that they are lolis...I can't quite picture them in such a dark story setting ....
    - Story is not the most original story in the world but my goodness it's still the prettiest animation/bg ever XD I don't want to say anymore in case you'll watch it ^ ^

    I'd say do check it out for the animation sequences because you won't be disappointed in them but don't expect too much of the story (but that's just me XD). Maybe you can just have it running in the bg while you work or something?

    Indeed, I'm a sucker for pretty references like these >3<

  3. The background art style reminds me of a few scenes from ghost in the shell. The only problem I can foresee is that that kind of background looks great but could require a huge amount of effort which takes up larger portions of time. Have you tried to get that art style down to the train or train station level as I love the style and beauty of it?

  4. A lot of game backgrounds do paint over real photos (according to MIke at least) and I've done it before with the door scene in TKON (my last game) which didn't take long at all. Some digital paint over an existing photo, filters and editing and it's done in like an hour or so.

    So glad that we have peeps working on the 3D side of things because it cuts the time taken working on getting the perspectives right on a lot of things so that we have more time to work on just making things look 'pretty' XD

  5. hmm... i have no problem with lolis.. im sure i will eventually get round to watching it but ill try and see at least one ep for this project :D

  6. I'd still highly recommend it for the prettiness and Yuki Kajiura-ness of it :B But no rush to watch it ... it's just stupidly pretty afterall XD.

    If anything, I'd recommend the Kara no Kyoukai movies since that's slightly horror-ish with arty farty scenes in it :D


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