Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Quick update

Heya all, just a quick update tonight as I'm not feeling too good and wanna get off to bed. But I need to put this up as I wanna get working on it all tomorrow so I basically need info on what ones people thing work better, and which don't.

First up is the computer close up. Jade already did a quick image that was used for the interface design post, so the first one is more similar to that.

But I was wondering if a slightly more angled pose would work better? So here's a quick rougth of that.

(The laptops dead).

Also I've done a few designs for the defib unit. The first is based off a real design while the others are based off of that but have a lot made up.

And finally I've got a quick paint over I did of ML's train background. A very quick paint over just to get an idea. I was wondering though what is the colour scheme going to be of the train? For this quickly I just went with Emma's. Obviously more detail would be added but it gives us an idea of what it will look like(possibly).


  1. LOL dead laptop is dead x(

    I'm rly liking the 2nd screenshot of the laptop - let's use that! I'd only suggest to move the lamp from there just to keep it consistant with the pics used in day1's blogologue. Best to confer with ML on where the light sources will be - maybe it'll be in not such an obvious place? (Think... utilitarian but still making it a bit more stylish! It is 1st class after all).

    Awesome work on the defib! We can now get the ball rolling on the defib. Rumzi, will you be able to come up with something based on Mike's designs?

    THAT REMINDS ME: [] okay I've reached the comment max XD I'll create a new post soon. I've had some ideas for the defib puzzle.

    Colour schemes:
    Yu's compartment: I'm assuming will be warm. I'm actually still unsure about it. What's everyone's ideas for that?
    Corridors: Actually, yes I'm warming up the idea of coldish colours which we can enhance after the crash.
    Bar: pleasantly warm colours but really blood red after the crash.

    Very impressed with your post Mike, well done!

  2. the second angle of the laptop definately looks more interesting to me :) and the other pics look excellent too, you are certainly progressing mike! keep it up :D and ope you feel better soon :(

  3. I will do the defib soon. Mike, what reference images did you use?

  4. About the colour schemes, I remember you saying things reflect the inner state of the person so the apartments reflect the person. So I think Yu's compartment should be the coldest in colour scheme, even more after the computer runs out of power and the crash as the opening sequence is like about what happened and what is on his mind. So because the compartment is where he is alone with his thoughts it should be deadly cold, the bar where he is around people should be the warmest as he is not thinking as much about it. Then again that’s just my assessment.

  5. Aah so how about having the compartment decor warm but having an overlay of coldness to it? Really liking that idea Tim- and yes, anything personal objects for Yu should have a touch of coldness to it...YUESM.


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