Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Train WIP: Yu's Room

An update of Yu's room on the train. I have grander plans for this yet, but time is of the essence at the moment! It shall be onto the bar next!

The curved shelf idea took inspiration from a concept sketch (It was either Mike or JD's I think) which had a curved chest of drawer unit. I'm a sucker for curves, but the chest of drawers was too large to fit in the room, so I incorporated it into the shelving/wardrobe unit. Then I though, hell it! Why not turf a light in the back of it adding another ambient light source to the room. Once that picture frame/tv screen is on, should be able to have some really nice lighting going on in here.


  1. awesome!!!! im not great with words but this looks amazing....! great work dude keep it up!! ^^ impressed

  2. Great work ML! Now some colour and some post prod filters!! :D

    This is really a note for Michelle but anyone else who wants to have a go at painting over ML's renders:

    DROPBOX: <--I have put in a folder that says 1-NEEDS COLOUR. ML's render for Yu's compartment is done! When you finish, place a copy in 2-NEEDS POST PROD for me to do, then I'll place the finished one in 3-FINISHED (assets) which'll be ready for Mike to import and use in the engine!

    - Same colour schemes as corridor
    - Modern yet classy 1st class train interior
    - Some high tech stuff (frame above the desk is a pic frame but is also a tv).
    - Mag rack either above the fire extinguisher or on the shelf. i shall leave it to how u see fit.

    I r streamlined yo'

    Excellent work team! I'm so proud of everyone! :D

  3. These look awesome. I really want to give painting ove rthese a try, I'll try and immitate Michelles way of doing it for the sake of consistency and just hers look really nice.

  4. Very nice! I exported the maya file into 3dsmax and had a look around and its very nicely done. I like the small details and the shelves that have a light going down.

  5. thanks jade!!! want me to put my latest bg in the dropbox folder then? good system!!
    magazine rack cool...

    thanks mike :o you can do it! its just adding blocks of colour, then going into the layer and messing with the 'gradient overlay' and layer stuff..

  6. jade am i colouring all of these bgs btw? or only one?

  7. Only one dear! "270911_hw_train_INT_0005.jpg" That should be the only one in the folder in dropbox :3

    I've commented somewhere (train bg 1 update) to do slight tweaks on your latest before I do the post prod on it. Other than that, all systems go!

  8. Epic, very well designed
    great work =D

  9. ML (Mongoose) was showing me the 3D files earlier and every element works like how it would in a 3D game (drawers open like they do in real life etc). Meaning that if we want to do this all in proper 3D ...WE CAN.

  10. awesome, i downloaded it last night and can start working on it this morning, thanks jade ^____^


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