Friday, 21 October 2011

After hours of trying to get the cutscenes to work...

I present thee the fruits of our labour.

Well done guys.

While we weren't able to include all the fantastic ideas, I'm so proud of everyone here including Mike who lost so much sleep over the damn engine and putting up with my nit-picking as the director.

It's not perfect but it's at least playable and might I add...creepy!

Congratulations everyone, we deserve a party once I get back to London ;)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Off to bed. But first I'll just leave this here

EDIT:LOL opps uploaded the wrong version, correct version up now

So yeh I believe that makes it pretty much done, there's even a preloader in there. Though I dare say there are one or two minor changes I've will need to make (obvious one that stands out is the uncoloured items). One thing I should point out now of all the things I was told to change the magazine cut scene one I couldn't. Goodness knows why the music goes out of sync, either the images are going to fast or the music is somehow going too slow and I'm not sure which it is or indeed why one would be going at a different speed than the other. I even just stopped separating the music and video and left them in the original drop box version where its perfectly in sync and it still messed up! You're just gonna have to blame that on the engine.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Landmark Design - Ship Connection

OK this is the Ship design that connects the Bridge were

the Landmark is located.

The ship is part of the story of the Villagers that when on the quest to find a

new land for their People, so i thought i make the ship saying that

the emperor's gave 4 river boats to them.

The Bridge Connection ships light up from the inside when anyone walks onto the ship,

to show some one is there and the spirits are with them (takes the idea).

The ships Design is a mix of Chinese/Japanese river boat style

i think it came out very well :D i hope it works for this Landmark and its story.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Phew. Right. ALMOST done


Everything exsist now within this latest update in some shape or form. Most of it's complete, some especialy towards the end you will notice is not. I got rid of a few bugs as well. The dialog sometime gets repeated and the characters names and expressions haven't been done yet and the three extra items don't have any colour.

Just a note on how to play - to give the guard your train ticket you need to press it and then press the hand button and the click over the guard. To combine items it's more or less the same, you just click the item and then drag it over the item in your inventory you want to combine it with. To use the ice pack of rage guy you just do the same thing as with the guard. Annoying some thing were deciding not to work today and the only was around it was to use some dirty tricks but hopfully they're not that visible as I didn't have the time to investigate other methods.

Landmark Design

Hey Yo Guy this is my idea for the City's landmark if you can remember the story i did for the city and the Landmark.

The first is the basic designs for it i was deciding on ether a Chinese or a Japanese

style of castle but i think i like the Japanese one better ;)

The Four Squares that is shown on the Birdseye view is the 4 shrines

the surround the castle.

The Phoenix is the small statues on the side of the roofs

and the long bits on the walk way that rounds the castle

are in the shape of the boots that the villagers sealed

in to field the land and when someone enters the window light up

This one is the design for the walk way for each of the four shrine's this surrounds

the castle, the walls on the path i thought it could pictures of the ghosts

or the tell of the city and how it came to be in painting

This is the design of the shrine

the place where the Priest's come the pray

and the praying grounds in front of the building

The Alter that is inside of the building (on top left)

will have a very small lantern on it instead of the tradition rope

OK i hope that's it OK Jade, plz tell me what you think and all the rest

of the team and others thanks

The walkway boat are the next thing that is coming nxt

Thank guys .. Peace out ;)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Just a little post

Hi guys. This is just a post to confirm that I am working on the engine and I shall probably be working most if not all of the night to try and get it all done. Wish me luck!


the credits are in my scraps.

I am now going to go collapse into bed, 27hrs now!  I can technically still go on and work but my ears and my back says no.  Saying that, I was up for 3 days straight in my first year, then performed in an evening concert on the 3rd day. That was an interesting day XD