Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sprite designs

Well, finally got round to it.  I have to say...this style is looking pretty bad-ass!

With coloured scarf which I'm really liking the idea of.  Maybe all the other characters can also have one item of clothing that is textured and coloured?

Obviously this one looks a bit weird using a CU bg but with the other normal bg it should be ok. It looks mighty swell - though I may just make the outlines a bit thicker.

 ... I really love the idea of the single coloured item...O_O
Special Banksy styled edition XD I shall start doing Yu's other expressions as well as the other characters now.  This is getting pretty exciting :D :D :D (Also cheers for Errol for his company and feedback too! ^_^)


  1. omg the banksy one is pretty cool..

    but doesnt go as well with the backgrounds and things, still cool bit of practice :D

    and i really really like the shading as well..

  2. yeah the Banksy one rocks
    a scene should be add for that style

  3. Rofl yeh the Banksy style was a joke anyway - it'll look rly weird w/o any lineart!!

  4. The idea of having one item of clothing textured and coloured seems like a good idea. We'd have to see what ends up having with the other characters and how they will look against the background but I reckon it would add a bit of a visual 'pop'.


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