Saturday, 17 September 2011

Laptop CU

Okay, been working on the laptop close up. Taking me a bit longer then expected but I think its coming along alright. I think I'll add more detail to the laptop but other then that I think its nearly done. Obviously the rest of the background I havn't even started on so I'll start my work with that soon.


  1. Looking pretty awesome so far! I wouldn't worry too much about the details for the time being, as long as the main bits are done I'll put some nice post production filters over it to give it the 'art farty' feel :D

    Keep up the work Mike! Once you've finished I'll over lay it with my interface design and our work can COMBINE...!

  2. wooooah.. i thought this was a 3d model at first o__o looking good!! especially the detail on the stickers and buttons :D


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