Saturday, 17 September 2011

Moar inspiration~

You know that Korean comic that Michelle posted?


Read at your own risk!

A friend linked this to me which is a pretty good rendition of a fancy train albeit a bit too old for the time frame we're working on.  It's still interesting to see how they've implemented the interface and oh look! Dining carriage too! XD Obviously it's way too complex but still interesting to see :)

Lastly, I was visiting a friend and I took a pic of the walkway just outside her flat.

My friend's kitchen window looks directly at this....kinda freaky don't you think? Maybe we should have a window scene like this... :D


  1. Looks good, the last express must be some kind of DS game I'm assuming due to the portrait format.

    For the photo you took the door to the flat is how I imagine the front of Yu's flat looking like, more or less. That does look really creepy, I think that will be quite good reference for the outside of his flat, maybe where the shrine is?


    well lol it finally makes sense, i wondered what the whole pointing thing was about... how did you find that jade, thankies!!

    great train reference in the vid and creepy photo! i think the fact that its set at night with areas with no light that makes it so..

  3. So shall we assume that Yu's flat is a corner flat? Or maybe it should be Kemi's since that's where all the creepy stuff happens? Maybe they should both be corner flats to force Yu to walk down long dingy corridors XD.

    Haha yes Michelle! It still managed to freak me out even while listening to inappropriate music such as

    I think I also managed to freak my friend out when I pointed out that her corridor would suit a horror film XD

  4. i kinda like the idea of kemi living it this type of area since she's younger and probably wouldnt have a lot of money to get a place in a nicer, less creepy area XD

    'quality shoe' HAHAHAHAH great name!! and it still freaked you out even then, nice D

    oh dear... you have made your friend scared for months to come i think :D

  5. Good point Michelle - it'll also make a contrast to everything else having Yu's house as the 'safe area' and like SH4 we can stir crap up and take away that safety net :B.

    I forgot - a friend posted it to me in ML's forum which was awesome XD, I think my friend lives....kinda *angelic face*

  6. ahhhh i like it i like it!!
    taking away the safety net.. so mean XD

    hopefully she will live for along time to come!


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