Sunday, 11 September 2011

Glass, glass, glass (wip ?)

So I've finally (hopefully if everyone is pleased with it) finished the glass close up. I'm quite glad now that I chose something simple to go with first as it meant I had room to learn what I was actually doing. Anyone I think this has come out quite well. There are a few things I might (could) add to it. One of those is some sort of design or logo to go on the coaster. That wouldn't be too hard, design a logo and then I'd just deform it to get the perspective right. And as the bg is looking a bit dark maybe add details like menu or stuff for behind the bar. Either way here is the fruit of my efforts (oh yeh and I also corrected it to be a water and lime).

Oh and just because I felt like it here's the painting of the glass on its own.

As a super special fun update I've also decided to put the first attempt I had at painting the glass up as well. The one above is attempt number 4, the one below is attempt number 1 and given these were only days apart I think that's quite an improvement. 


  1. Added labels assets and concept art

    BUT HO SHI- I'M SO IMPRESSED MIKE! Now we just need to find a way to make the closeups and general bg look semi consistant.

    Man I'm so hyped up now :DDDDDD

    I think a train logo will work well on the coaster (it's first class after all) and a bit more of the bg. Other than that, it's awesome-sauce. :D WELL DONE, NICE OUT.

  2. Yaaay! So glad you like it, I was worried that if I couldn't get it done to a good enougth standard we'd just have to get someone else to do it. Really pleased you like it though. Yeh the train logo is what I was thinking for the coaster, I think it would work really well as it's the sort of thing that places like that do. And in the future I shall probably add detail to the bg as it does look very sparse right now. Anyway glad you like it! I'm feeling much better about this all now.

  3. good idea showing different versions.. this looks ace mike! i LOVE the top one but all three of them are really excellent! a lot of hard work in there, very impressive ^^


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