Sunday, 11 September 2011

Some VLC snaps for BGs / random concept art

Let's make the backgrounds uber pretty with lots of colour! \o/

As you can probably see from the pics uploaded, colour plays a big part for setting the mood.  Now that we have ML onboard helping make 3D renditions of the backgrounds, that leaves us more to play with mood and colour.  I really like the use of 'glow' we could incorporate to make scenes look really dreamy, yet on the other hand it can also give it a slightly sinister ambience.

And a bonus, horrible unfinished random piece of concept art which I was working on whilst working on the audio yesterday.  We really need more decent concept art for this project lol.


  1. What are all these shots from? It looks really gorgeous. I like the idea of having it very 'glowy' to make it very dreamy, I think it will suit the game. Time to start doing a lot of airbrushing abuse!

    You'r painting isn't bad, you just need to be less restrained. It's actully a lot better then you think it is as you've got the basics down and all you need to do is make those bits on each plain of the lantern really really bright and make the rims then really really dark. Maybe block them out first then use the air brush to blend them slightly. Don't give up as you were actually on to it you just need to up the contrast.

  2. The lighting is epic in these concepts! Very inspirational and gives me a really nice idea of what we're aiming at. Planning to get some more done after work tonight.

    The painting is looking good to JD! The blocking out is really nice. If you want to give the impression of a central light source, use a bit of solid white, and a high contrast yellow surrounding it. Smudge it or airbrush it (like Michael said) out from the source depending on how soft you want the light to be. Contrast layers in PS are a god send for lighting. =D It's looking good!

    And thank you for the concept ref's!

  3. 1,2,3,5 = Hanasaku Iroha
    4 = Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    6 = Can't remember...think it's Ao no Exorcist....yeh pretty certain it is.
    7,8 = Darker Than Black

    I like the thought of abusing the airbrush HO HO HO.

    Yeh...might work on it a little more or just start a new one lol. Again it's one of those WIPs that looks utterly crap while working on it but wouldn't be half bad once it's actually finished lol

    Thanks for the tips guys! =D

  4. great pics and nice concept art!! i think its all important, it all adds to the finished result :D makes me feel like im being lulled into a false sense of security... (your pic) but cant quite pinpoint why

  5. After trawling through several animes I can actually find the source for the 4th shot T____T. But ... man it's so pretty still XD It's either from Puella or Tiger & Bunny...but I cba to watch through them to find it so it'll just need to stay mysterious XD

    Thanks Michelle! I was attempting to create that kind of scene where it's mainly eerie. I shall work on it more when I get bored with Flash/Animating XD

    ps the chinese character scribbled in the corner of my concept art is the word for 'ghost' :3


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