Thursday, 29 September 2011

yus room attempt 1 and carriages

okay first of all

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAAADEEE! wanted to get these up today for you <3

now then now then...
the train corridor backgrounds.. i added more space at the bottom, more lights, changed the door signs and added the note above yus door.
did i do it right? anymore changes? its uploading to drop box now~

and heres how im getting on with the yus room background but i think i really need some feedback before i can do anymore! im not sure on the colour scheme or even if ive drawn over it right :/ dont be scared to crit this harshly!!

wooooooooo am tired x__x


  1. Ah god these are so good Michelle! Only got one crit. I don't think the magazines will be able to go on the window sill like that, but thankfully you haven't painted that in yet so it's no biggy. But other then that this is really great!

  2. oh woops that was the window?? well no prob can easily change that and move the mags to the shelf, thanks mike!

  3. HEeeeee!!! This is defo added to my bday happiness points XD Big update on HW!! Whoop! And thank you for the bday wishes too :D

    The train carriages are awesome and they are fine! I shall do the post production once I'm back in Bath! Mike, would you be able to download these for now and start putting them into the engine? Once I'm back in Bath and update the assets, you can just swap them in right?

    Regards to Yu's room - I LOVE IT!!!
    - Colour scheme is awesome! I shall add some post editing magic to boost the cold colours to contrast with the warm colours of the hallway and mirror Yu's mental state.

    Things to add please:
    - Possibly add some spot lights above the desk on the ceiling
    - Safety sign above the fire extinguisher perhaps? (Again nothing detailed, just an impression)
    - Light switch for the bathroom next to said safety sign (left of the door).
    - Lol yeh that's the window where the mag racks there (just move them somewhere to the glowy shelf!).
    - FOR DAY2: Can you either add or colour an existing magazine that will stick out? Yu will start reading this just before the crash.
    - Add some kind of fancy blind to the window?
    - Still image of the outside for the window (like what you've done for the hallway)....
    - Add Yu's luggage under the desk (I see him use a duffle bag of a dark colour if that helps? Or a small semi trendy suitcase). Maybe some dark bedroom slippers peeing out somewhere lol.
    - Add a no smoking sign to the window at the lower left corner?
    - Add Yu's black laptop (closed) to the desk. I don't mind where you draw it but since Mike is drawing the close up for the laptop (opened: showing the dead battery), just make sure that the placement of it is consistent with each other.

    And..I think I'm done!! Sorry for being picky! THANK YOU!!!

  4. - I just noticed, but would you be able to extend the brown door bits in the far right of the picture? Basically delete the carpet bit, make it all door as that is the front door or Yu's compartment :)

    Thanks again!

  5. YES!!
    it is all done and will be uploaded shortly :)


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