Saturday, 3 September 2011

Uh oh...

EDIT: I am an idiot, I've added a gadget in which people can follow the blog by entering their email address at the bottom of the side bar XD.  I've also added a list for useful links such as the Flickr album full of reference photos from Chinatown and my HW gallery on dA.  More will be added once I've gone through the blog...later.

Apparently I can only add up to 10 people on the emailing list for new comments/posts.

Hmm. This is awkward!  If anyone wants to vote out of the emailing list, please do so NOW.  I wouldn't mind taking myself off the list because I'm pretty certain I'll check back here everyday but if anyone else joins, it might make it a bit weird lol.

So far we have 11 people on the list but not everyone is active. For those who are in-active I will probably remove them from them mailing list because it's a tad bit unfair for those who are so please don't be offended if I feel the time has come for those to be removed.


  1. wow.... are there really 11 people involved?? thats so awesome!!! except for teh unactive thing but still.... awesome

  2. Of course, if those who are 'in-active' (you know who you guys are) unless you contact me asking not to be deleted from the list XD.



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