Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Train bedroom layout (wip)

Good evening to all! I've just been playing around with the room layout, working with previous concept images. I'm not sure if this is something that has been thought about much (and perhaps I'm being too fussy), however the train is already quite wide. If the bed was to be facing the door and have a wardrobe squeezed in there too, you're looking increasing the train width a great deal further. If you are happy for that, I'll stick to the concepts (which are awesome - I really like the sense of space - I know it seems slightly contradictory in bringing this issue up).
To give a rough idea of current train width:

If not I have 2 propositions. First is that the bed is placed adjacent to the door - as opposed to perpendicular - so the room runs along the length of the train. The other option is to 'compact' the room. This wouldn't effect camera angles to an extent since walls can be removed in order to have a wider field of view. Below is some quick modelling to give a rough idea of item placement in the compact view.

Wall 'behind' desk slid to the side  - camera is where the bathroom would be.
 View from the room entrance. (L to R - bed, wardrobe desk)

I am off for the day on Thursday since I'm working on Saturday so I can sit down and get the room modeled out in detail once all is confirmed.

Take care everyone!


  1. In that case, can we make the desk shorter and put the wardrobe opposite the bed? So more desk by the window, less by the wall so that we can put the wardrobe there.

    Let's assume that people would spend about 2-3 days on the sleeper train so desk space is not a priority lol. I also see that you've inserted a desk drawer space? We could probably cut out the desk by the wall and just have that desk drawer extension in that case.

    Overall I'm glad that you've pointed out the train width compared to the initial drawings! Nice out ML!

  2. No problemo! I'll model up some of the details and re-jig a little. I'll squeeze out as much space as I can. Then we can get all the pretty details in! Lamps, fittings, etc.

    How about also fitting a shelf or two in that some odd bits and bobs can be put on. Perhaps a digital photo frame that travellers can put a photo on to make them feel a bit more at home. =)


  3. Shelves are fine, there needs to be a place for a magazine rack for day2 so that's a must. I feel the photo frame may be a bit much for public transport especially passengers who are technologically incompetent to use it ;)

    I'll definitely think about it for use in Yu's house maybe :3

    Just remember that I'd want to get all the assets done for the train and Yu's house (days 1-5) by the end of September so I'd suggest not to be overly detailed for the time being!


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