Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Michelle's bg + Interface test

I also found this on dA:

Whooooop! *Goes back to making guard sprite*


  1. yu is uncomfortable with romance poor soul
    or maybe its the emptiness of the hallway giving him bad juju..
    it looks great though, awesome jade!!

    and cool pic :o

  2. Looking really good. I'm not sure what people think but when we create backgrounds I think we need to create them with the interface in mind like how people for TV work knowing that some of the image will be cut off in the final product. It's just when the dialog box comes up I feel too much is obscured of the background. I think the painting just needs to be extended at the bottom and moved up a bit.

  3. ah, we did a similar thing for my uni project, i drew it extra big so it could be cropped.shall i make it bigger at the bottom jade yushh?
    *while i wait for a response, tries to do it anyway*

  4. Hey Michelle!

    i've zipped the psd files on dropbox - check it out under art/interface/interfacedesign7.zip to check back with the interface design!! Sry this is a bit late ...just finished dinner XD


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