Thursday, 8 September 2011

Glass close up continued...

Urghh wow I hoped to get more done today but I spent most of it working on this. After several failed attempts and pretty much starting completely from scratch on this again I've finally got an update. I hope people like this and think its better then the last one. With the last one, the next day I pretty much regretted posting it as it really doesn't look that great. Maybe I'll have the same attitude towards this but I think it's at least an improvement. I started looking at after artists work and looking at digital painting tutorials. This isn't completed, still need to do the bg and the coaster. (I also used more layers with this one so I hopefully wont have to restart from scratch, The reflections are all on separate layers, I'm not too fond of them so I might change them later, and the edges are a bit raggedy so I'll probs smooth them out).

This is still a learning process but hopefully I'll get to an acceptable standard.


  1. Nice update!! I'm really liking it atm - looks really realistic with the reflections (I'm so jealous lol). Before I critique this any further, why is it orange?

    Slight symmetrical problems but other than that I'm very impressed! I think now would be a good time to decide what kind of painting style to go with whether it'll be proper CG'ed or a softer air brushed look.

  2. ooh nice, nice! it looks very realistic! the only crit i can give is the same one as jade, about the right side being a little slanted but i like!

  3. Yeh, this one I was kinda making it up as it went along so thats why the outlines are so wrong. I took that into consideration with the latest one and made it so that I started with a base for the glass which I drew using the selection tools to make it more precise.


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