Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wasabi engine and cut scene update

So first of - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't all be here.

Anyway just doing a quick post as I've updated the engine, or to be more precise I've updated the cut scene part of the engine. A lot of people commented on a sound glitch with the typing sound effect playing after the cut scene had finished. I'm not entirely sure why this is but it should be corrected now as I removed all the typing sounds from the SWF itself and placed them within the engine instead. Also I corrected all the fonts. All it involved was me downloading and installing the fonts and flash figured out the rest so that was easy. Also I found out why ampersands and certain letters weren't displaying originally, it was due to the fact I hadn't properly embedded the font. But that's done now so it's all working.

Only thing left to be added are the rest of the sounds and music (Jade could you drop box these as I couldn't find them within the audio folder) tweek the sounds that are there (I'm pretty sure I've used some sounds in the wrong place) and maybe tweek some of the animations. And yeh I think thats it. Also please note there are no typing sounds after the first two pages, those shall be added later though.


  1. Awesome! I'll check it out now for tweaks:

    - train interior should start after the "before you begin message"
    - the fade out to black animation starts on the 2nd dialogue box on the first scene, during the type out for some reason?
    - Next button doesn't seem to work at the 2nd scene :/. Will refresh and see whether that makes a difference...
    Ok it seems to work now
    - double typing taps are out of sync
    - I forgot to send over the eerie gong and the music for the animation, I can only send it when I'm back in bath. I'll write out the cue sheets for blog1.1.

    The jitter animation is a bit static or some reason but I'm not complaining about it for the time being lol.

    Also, when people inspect an item so that the item description pop up in the menu screen or in the dialogue box?

    ps also, thank you for the bday wishes ;D

  2. WOOOOOO well done dude.. dont have anything else to add that jade didnt already say so.. *claps* ^^


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