A note from the creator:

Hungry Whispers is a personal experimental project in combining various creative mediums, particularly that of audio-visual practices with a mixture of interactivity.

I always thought that it would be cool to read a comic and to physically hear what is happening within a scene. The bone crunch of a punch, the pattering of rain and to music mirroring or contrasting a character's mental state.

Having an addition of sound adds another layer of communication for readers, similar to that of multiple film music theories. However, those theories have to adapt in game and interactive environments due to users being in control of their own pacing and choosing.

As a musician focusing on the effectiveness of the audio-visual, I decided to create a graphic adventure game to put into practise of what I have learnt.  Above all else, I'd really like to write music for games as well as being strongly involved in a project ... So I decided to make my own game.  As the sole director, writer and all things audio related, I am in control to build this game world and all its scares.

I hope you enjoy ...

Director, Audio Lead, Editor, Writer

P.S. I recommend that you play with headphones.

This blog was created for members of Team Wasabi of Wasabi Productions/Studio Wasabi (name still undecided). While I've no idea what it really is, I'd like to think that it's my own dedicated team of minions friends for my own creative endeavours.

The current project is a horror point and click game that will be made in Adobe Flash. And that is all I know about it. Which will be in a style of a visual novel but hopefully with a bit more interaction in them...think Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk/The Last Window.  All members have an obsession with playing horror games and/or is nerdy enough to be part of the team.


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