Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hello free artists!

I'm having a bit of an artists block designing the the uniforms for the guard and the bartender ... mind lending me some of your creative aid? >______<

On a good note - Yu's sprite is just about done.  I've scarped using the 'normal2' base as I just don't think it'll be worth it with the time we have in the end (plus I don't think I'll be marked for it) so yeh haha.

*Goes back to sketching*


  1. Just posted some for the bartender. I'll do some more as I've just had some more ideas of what to do with him.

  2. Feel free to contribute! I've only got the guard design and that's it lol :D Go for it!!!

  3. might give it a try then when im waiting for teh next bg tomorrow.. :)

  4. If you manage to do it, you'll make me extra happy cos I love your drawings man! :D


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