Sunday, 11 September 2011

Train Interior (wip)

Hellooo! My apologies for not being around yet - I have been on the late shift at work! x_x Anyhow! I have some updates. Below is a sketch based on some of the interior concepts and Emma's painted concept which I began with for the 3D recreation. I had a phone conversation with JD, in which she suggested we go for sliding doors and are going for a bit of a futuristic look. I'm also trying to keep everything looking somewhat 'eerie' in keeping with the general atmosphere.

I have been rejigging the concept as I go along and have started to work on some of the lighting inside the train. Below is what I have so far!

I'm on a slightly shorter shift pattern this week, so more updates to come!

Mongoose out!

PS: really impressed by all the work here! Kudos! :D
PPS: Lighting update:


  1. I'm loving it so far ML!! I'm glad that we have you onboard helping us out ;D

    For this I envisioned it to be normal looking with 'hints' of that looming darkness. From the script I've made it set to be around sunset so there will be a lot of light pouring in with a lot of 'looming shadows' to give it that extra creepy factor.

    Now that we have a model we can do a lot of camera angle testings :D That reminds me we also had a conversation in how signs will be animated over panes of glass (MINORITY REPORT STYLE). With train time tables, emergency exit signs etc. Looking forward to animating over these too :DDDD

    Nice work everyone! I'm so impressed :) Keep it up!

  2. Looking really cool these, its quite cool that these bg's are finally getting done. Starying to feel like everything is beggining to come together. No real further comments other then it just occured to me what sort of colours is the train going to be and how we'll paint over these but we can do some experiments soon. Anyway nice work so far! Keep it up, I look forward to seeing more from you.

  3. Really good work so far, I like the blue hue you have for the lighting.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I'll get a sunset skydome in the scene to give us a better idea of the light that is coming in from the outside.

    With regards to colour, I guess they can be painted over, but I can also prepare UV maps for the majority if any extra detail is required. Judging by some of the ref your posting up JD, a lot of the work could be completed through base colour and lighting alone - and perhaps get some toon rendering nodes set up to provide sketch lines on top of the renders.

    Once the first scenes are modeled I can do a little experimentation.

    If anyone wants the meshes to play with I can certainly provide them. I'm using Maya if anyone else is?

  5. WOW this is crazy craazzyyy good..!! i didnt know we had advanced this far with the project, excellent work, particularly love the sketch at the top haha... 2d <3<3<3 but the door lighting in the 3d models is so cool as well..

  6. ML: I shall wait till you're happy with the models then see what you can churn out with the sunset skydome/uv maps/base colour and lighting and toon rendering nodes!

    I've no idea what they are but I can take an educated guess and see how it works!

    Well done everyone!


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