Friday, 30 September 2011

Oh you guyz..../Team Wasabi Meet up SUNDAY/ HW update

Our random deviant who did our first fanart has kindly provided a tutorial!! >__<

(I love the I'm on a horse reference XD). How awesome is that?!?! Again, really sorry for shoving this into everyone's faces...I'm just so like...WHUT?! MUST...SHOW...OTHERS...!

And not really a fanart but it features Yu and I thought it was really sweet lol (from another random deviant too!). D'awwww >____< 

Yu arguing with my OC Seth and Apollo appreciating this spectacle XD, and the rendition of my avatar! WAH! I heartz them all <33333.
I've decided to decide (lol) on the day in which we should go to the PLAYER Live Gaming Festival to be SUNDAY.  For several reasons: if we did meet up on sat I've a feeling we would need to rush off plus we'd be tired before the gig on sat. So by moving it to Sunday, I can dedicate a whole day for Team Wasabi! I also just remembered that I'm having luncheon with the parents on sat so...yeh big day is big!

HW stuff:
Well, as everyone's the 30th! And we're still working on Day1 stuff O_O.  Most likely we're not going to get up to my target day5 done (noes) so... I'm wondering what's everyone's schedule looking like?  

The plan will be to at least finish everything up until day2 which I shall amend the ending of to make it end in a cliff hanger and hint about what will happen in the full demo (should we ever finish it XD).

==>What are everyone's thought about this? <==

Bare in mind that we need to finish said assets for Day1-2 as well test and tweak things.  I didn't realise that it'll take this long to tweak the cutscene into the Wasabi engine either so I'd rather do a short high quality demo rather than a LQ long demo if peeps know what I meanz.

I'm really happy with everyone's work and your commitment so far....again I really can't thank everyone enough!  We really are getting close to the end now! Just a little more to go ^__^

**Team Wasabi hugs**


  1. LOL our fan. I still think thats pretty amazing. You know, if there is a particular thing they are really good at, what about asking them to join the team?

    I think that we should focus at the moment on just day 1 and 2, because then at least we aren't trying to rush, and we can focus on making the demo really really good. Quality not quantity.

  2. That's a good idea, will keep that in mind. However timing wise, it's awkward and I'll see how it goes if we need someone, but most likely not. I'm thinking about making a Team Wasabi group on dA - ppl wanna join that? XD

    Yeh it'll be a shame but I'm worried about the rate in which we're going at mainly because Mike's working so we (mainly I) can't push him that much lol. On top of the testing and getting the sound ques right I agree to focus on day1 and 2.

    More talk when we meet up on sunday then!

  3. OMG you lucky girl! so many nice presents on your bday <3 did you have a good bday? ill probably ask you tomorrow more detail actually XD

    awesome tutorial, I WANT TO TRY IT!!! HOMG

    and i think finishing up to day 2 before the deadline would still be a really good achievement.. im wondering what the other people on your course have done and whether they worked as hard as us :D

  4. Bday was swell :3 And yus, will let u know in detail when we meet! :D

    Cool, sounds like plan everyone! I know I'm pretty curious too...if I find out I'll let you guys know too ;D.

    Sry this comment is a bit blah, I'm actually falling asleep - so tired XD

  5. GO TO BED JADE!!!!!!
    you need to be well rested for tomorrow :)

  6. Aww wow this is so awesome all this fan art you got. It's so awesome. That must be like the best bday present seeing people being a fan of something you've created.

  7. It really is ... quality is not an issue, tis ze thought ;D

    I like to say that we seem to have a small fanbase already for a game that hasn't even passed a finished demo stage; is really an awesome thing to have :D


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