Monday, 26 September 2011

The Japanese market for VNs (at least for galge).

An interesting article I found from dA's VN group:


  1. hmm.. sales are dropping... i do wonder how they even sell them though since most seem to be that you download them... o__o in my experience. although im sure thats illegal XD
    have you had any thoughts about the future of HW jade?

  2. I'd really want to do a full version regardless. I'm having so much fun working on this (minus deadline) so I'm up for carrying this project on....WHO'S WITH ME?!

    Also if people were interested I was thinking of making a 'making of' book for all of us and we can sell the rest. Proceeds will go to cancer research or something in memory of Nadine because without her and Kelly I would've never continued drawing in the first place >3<

  3. YES
    i mean ive thought from the beginning this is something worth seeing through to the end.. <3
    and yeah id love that!! and i think thats a lovely thought jade, im with you :)


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