Sunday, 11 September 2011

HW Opening is nearly complete...

Hungry Whispers OP-beta-2

Heyhey...the sound works ;DDDDDD

To finish:
- Visual animation
- Volume slider/mute buttons



  1. As I said on the dA page, this is quite epic so far. The sounds are done really well.

  2. I've said most of the stuff over skype but I really think this is great. The weird glitch with the text is annoying but it's not as noticable here as it was in the first draft of the blog. I wouldn't worry about that too much though as you got the main parts done and done really well. Well done! Have a cookie

  3. riiiight i will write my comment for it here :D
    apart from the text discrepency which hopefully the flash forums can help with, i think it is looing super smexy and epic and the music is SPOT ON.

    after looking at the other posts as well though, how much of the game do you want to have done by the deadline jade? and what are you being marked on out of curiousity?

  4. It's looking like I will just have to try a different method in figuring out the text discrepancy and I've a feeling that I may need to just redo that scene if I get time that is XD.

    Thanks! Glad everyone's feeling the choons XD

    I'm aiming to get up to day5 done where everything just begins to kick off! Seeing as my tutors haven't really said anything, I'm assuming I can choose what I'm going to be marked on. Thankfully I've done some writing for this project which I started a few days ago and I'm focusing on the use of sound/music design in the audio-visual practices of an interactive environment.

    So I guess: not only do the sound/music design have to fit in a 'film' context but in an 'interactive' context. In this case, a game but it's still linear to a certain degree. Okay I should stop rambling now XD I've written a little thing in the 'About' section of this blog anyway. That'll keep me focused! :)


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