Thursday, 1 September 2011

Team Wasabi meetup? / Kemi concept

I just remembered that I'll also be London this weekend plus a few days for a relative's wedding dinner. SO. Seeing as the last meet up went really well I propose another team meet to see where everyone's at and general stuff.  Sketch day to the British Museum/anywhere else doing any Asian exhibitions will be a major plus for this project! Or we can just meet up and draw in a coffee place and eat cake.  That's cool as well.

Remember that this project is my dissertation for my master's degree so you don't know how much I appreciate you guys helping out.  As long as you update me on what you're doing and keep in touch with me, I can re-assess all the stuff to be done and either get someone else to take over or I'll just have to adjust my own time to tackle things which is a-ok with me too. Just let me know! I can't stress it enough and I can't stress it enough on how you guys are AWESOME too.

Lastly, this is for Michelle as I'm starting to be finally happy with my rendition of Kemi.  Excuse the other character, I was on a role drawing Luna from TKON so she makes an appearance too ;D.

I profusely apologise for the shockingly horrible scanning as my sketchbook is just horrible to scan with.


    jade you NAILED her!! she looks so cute and epicly perfect *w*
    lovely to see more of your sketches, this ones a keeper fo sho ^^

    as for the meet i dont really have the money to go out right now ;w; and ive got 8 pics to draw in 7 days so i need the time atm for portfolio work.. but since a couple of the pics are for HW i will still be around here, so sorry >w< message me anything you need me to know/do!

  2. That's absolutely fine Michelle ^___^

    Maybe I can meet up with the others to get more research done to add to the ref album? Awesome to know that you'll still be around here and I will let you know when I'll need extra help :)


  3. yuuushhh! thanks jade, well you can always phone as well if you need me ^^ if you guys meet up can you post an entry about what you all discussed?

  4. I was going to go to london this weekend anyway actually so I would be up for meeting up as I shall be in london anyway. I'm free both days.

    Your drawings of Kemi are looking really good, I for some reason really like the one of her eating her hat. Maybe she does that just before shes goes crazy.

  5. Michelle: Will do! I can always phone you at some point after if I don't manage to post a blog post about it to explain stuff more. Our last phone convo was so epic XD

    Mike: Cool let's try and meet up to have another HW brainstorming session perhaps? Me too, I'll incorporate her eating her hat in one of her many animations XD


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