Tuesday, 27 September 2011

train bg 1 update

Slightly updated this background, the only things I'm a bit concerned with is the dissappearing carriage, whether we need space at the bottom (or we make it black?) and the handles of the doors lol..

moar crit? did i forget to change something? should i make the lighting less subtle and have the shadows darker?


  1. HEEEEEE!!!!! *happy dance* This is looking so AWESOME!!!

    Disappearing carriage: We can duplicate the background and you change the carriage number and the door letters. For the disappearing one we can put a prop in the middle or something distinguishable that sets the carriage apart from the others. I can also do this by making one random carriage a darker/blue colour and make that disappear too.

    Space a the bottom, I feel like I'm fine with it because once the dialogue's finished, it'll disappear and players can click where ever anyway so I'm not too fussed about the placement.

    Handles themselves look fine! Ah I know. Would you be able to to put a stick just above the door to give the impression that there are instructions in how to use the card? Don't worry if it's not too detailed as long as it gives the impression that'll be ace!

    How would you feel about us flipping the image around for when Yu is walking back from the bar to his room? I've just thought about this now again (sry!). Would it be possible to provide a 'flipped' version soon (just changing the room numbers and signs again). Mike, please confirm this!! How/where would the player click to go 'back'? Should there be an arrow sign in the bottom left saying "to the bar" or something?

    At the moment if we follow the corridor down towards the door at the back, the room compartments will be technically going 'backwards'? Aah brain hurt. Confusion!

  2. woooooo well glad you like :D

    yup yup yup thats all fine..
    so.. not sure i completely followed there, should i extend the bg downwards? :o

    and yeah the stick on the handles is fine XD

    and im fine with the flipping.. but will wait for mikes reply to that as well.


  3. ** I personally think that you don't need to extend it at all but I'm not sure what Mike's take is XD.

    I've only done the sprites head up to just above the knees so keep that in mind?

  4. Looking really good. The little details like the no smoking sign are really nice. They add more character to the scene.

    Jade: I thought we were going to use arrows to move around, so an arrow at the bottom of the screen poiting down would allow you to move back

  5. So basically an invisible button in which an arrow pops up? Cool.

    We still need to sort out the numbering system in that case - I feel like the c carriage should be the one we see (like what Michelle's done) but instead of b, it should be d?

    Also how many compartments in one carriage?

  6. Got ur psd in dropbox Michelle!!! We're really making it work guys!

    Just a few tweaks:
    - Add lights to the other beams
    - Change compartment number 'b' to 'd'. As you follow the corridor, the letters ascend.
    - Mike and I have just worked out that there are 5 compartments to each carriage so carriages 1-4 have 20 compartments in total.
    - Therefore you only need to do 4 versions of the one that you've currently done, just changing the numbers of the 'carriage label' and the door numbers.

    - The disappearing carriage will be the 4th one because 4 in Chinese also means death just like Japanese (which I totally forgot about) XD so is it possible for the 4th carriage to have colder tones compared to the rest?


    The corridor bg asset is so near complete!!

  7. adding lights - no problem
    compartment numbers - no problem..
    and wow.. im slightly confused on which carriages im doing.... 4 different carriages but with different numbers on the door....... is that?


  8. That's basically what you're doing - YEP! You got it! Sorry for the confusion!

  9. thats no problem jade, i can do all that, just one last question - for all the carriages, what room numbers will be clearly shown?

    like carriage one we can see 'c' and 'b'
    do you want different ones for the others...? like 'n' and 'o' etc

  10. carriage 1, = c, d
    2, = H, I,
    3 = M, N
    4= R, S

    I've just quickly worked it out, there ya go! so yep! :D sankyuu Michelle!

  11. thanks jade! ill post the new pics up tomorrow :)

  12. Thanks Michelle! They're loveeeeely :D :D :D


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