Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Brock Eyes FTW II

Tickets yo'.

Gone to get some eats then see whether I can tackle Kemi and bartender before going to London tomorrow!  I still have half of my chocolate covered coffee beans on my desk so it should happen. IT WILL HAPPEN DAMNIT.


  1. oohhh i like the shading style we're going for with this!! haha awesome work jade :d
    omgomgomg kemi!! i cant wait to see how she will look :o

  2. Yo! Looking good. Daww he's so tubby!

  3. Love that shading the smile i just love so much ^^

  4. Actually it's just occurred to me that I need a little more time to think about Kemi's design for her sprite so just as well that I'll wait a bit for it >_<!

  5. Thanks! I'll see what I can do...plans have formulated in my mind....


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