Sunday, 25 September 2011

Some drawings and update

I am alive! Been sleepy most of this week, but should be online a lot more this coming week and have a lot more to show. Anyway I'll show some stuff I've done.

Here are some quick designs for the uniform for the bartender. It's actually pretty hard to come up with different designs for a bartender as it seems there's only so much you can do. But anyway I got several designs done here. The most left design is most similar to what I originally had him wearing in my drawings. The next one he's only wearing a shirt and bow tie. I also added some straps around his upper arm. I've seen some people wearing these, I'm not actually sure what the point of them is but I think its to pull up the sleeves or something like that, would make sense for a bartender. The very right I gave him a skinny tie as I was running out of ideas. In all of them he's wearing high rise trousers (I'm pretty sure that's not there name) but I figured seeing as we wont really see the trousers it dosnt matter too much.

The train card. I decided to design the logo like a parody of the national rail. I took their design and distorted it in a number of ways. Not really a 'ha ha' parody, just a visual one. The card from what I remember is also the key to Yu's room so I built a black strip into it for it to be used for that while also displaying all the travel information such as time date and route. The very bottom card I removed the strip with the idea being the strip would be on the back anyway.

The old man pose. Was thinking of what kind of stance the old man should have. I figured having him in a kind of huddled position might be nice. As I think we never talk to him when he's not sitting at the table I thought it would be ok to depict him sitting at a table in his pose. I also did a quick sketch of a possible redesign. I dunno, I felt like giving some facial hair.

Jade mentioned she had already finished him. So this is just a final drawing I did of the train guard a few days ago.


  1. Great post man, especially the tickets!!!

    Bartender: I totally forgot about the bow tie! Shall we make it cheesy classy with the bowtie or urban classy with the tie? That is the question!

    Rly liking the ticket ideas and it's got me motivated again ;D! Will tackle this when I get sick of doing character stuff lol hooray!

    Old man: Rly like his spot and tache - I've never really drawn old looking characters so this is a good ref for me >_< thank you!! I think I'll make him look a bit more smiley but for the wrong reasons although i love his slightly befuddled look on the right XD I've a feeling that I'll need to make the crazy old man a bit more...crazy. He just lost his son after all.

    Smiley guard is smiley...I also gave my guard Brock eyes XD

  2. i really like your sketchy style.. its kinda like.. you draw the sketch and then theres are echoes of it just on the border... its really unique and i can always tell its one of your drawings ^^

    i wanna give the train guard a hug!! these are great mike!! brock eyes ftw lol


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