Monday, 19 September 2011

Squiggle effect may live!

Mostly for Mike but I'll post it up here so that there's a record of it.

I've been offered to collab with someone on dA - he's an AS3 programmer and said that he can do all the programming while I do the story and artwork - I declined ofc but it's incredibly useful to be in contact with another programmer (WOO).

Anyway, I asked him whether he could figure out the code John Su's squiggle effect and he has! I'll copy pasta his comment:

Ok, I have figured it out. The squiggle effect is created with a MovieClip called "Sketcher". It takes a still image and creates multiple versions of it, by applying a Perlin noise filter with a ColorFilter effect. The result is an array containing the many images. Then the program uses another MovieClip (they should write all this using CLASSES instead) that takes this array and plays it back by copying the frames to the screen in sequence using a bitmap copy pixel operation. This whole thing could be probably written down *much* simpler and using reusable AS3 classes. When you look at this code, it becomes clear it was never meant to be reused anywhere else... >___<

Either way, I believe if we can get this effect working it'll still make a nice overall effect for my persona-esque animations XD

If we can figure out how to get this working I'll add this guy to the credits (I think I will anyway because he actually took the time to look at it and give some feedback).  Anyway, what do you think?


  1. the more the epicness
    i cant to see what he can do
    hope he can help

  2. Indeed! Shall get Mike to have a look at it


    congratz on the collaboration and i hope the squigglyness will work!

  4. Will take another look at the code in the next few days.


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