Monday, 19 September 2011

Trouble using Blogger

Since many of you has trouble using Blogger (I'm like the only one who doesn't) I've done a quick google search about it and found a link.  This may or may not be useful but here it is:

I can only suspect that those using hotmail accounts may be a bit iffy as this is google.  Also, this is actually a new blog system and I suspect is still in beta.  That's all I can really think of, sorry guys :/!

[If it proves insanely annoying, I shall change the comment settings so that anyone (including outside ppl) can comment but I don't really wanna do that lol].


  1. yeah but that still dosnt work, try when your Loging in, DONT click on *Stay Signed In*
    and everything should be fine

  2. thanks jade!! my blogger is okat if im using my laptop, just not the main computer but i think ill be okay for awhile... need to buy a new cable at some point though since this one is hanging on by a thread XD


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