Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jade in London 28th Sept - 2nd Oct/ Team Wasabi Meet

First of all:


I can't wait! Dorian Concept + Tom Chant, Austin Peralta, Grey Reverend and Kutmah :D.  I've no idea who the others are apart from Dorian Concept but I've a feeling this is going to be too sweeeet.


I'll be in London tomorrow until the 2nd (so back to Bath on the 3rd).  I propose a Team Wasabi meet up either on the Sat (1st) or the Sun (2nd).  Can't stay too long as Mike and Michelle will be joining me at the Barbican Hall for 8pm so it'll have to be an early meet up?  Also let me know if anyone's interested in the Science Museum for the Player event (check facebook).


My RSI in my right elbow has been getting really bad again recently so I'll have to take a mini break from digital drawing.  Which is perfect timing because I'll be in London and I haven't really decided on the Bartender character or Kemi's sprite pose yet.  I'll be able to use the time to work on my write up, possibly start more sound design stuff, definitely go over the script and do more rough character sketches for the other characters (I'm looking at you Crazy Old Man and Angry Phone Guy!).


Anyway.... ML and Rumzi should be churning out more backgrounds soon.  Give them a poke and make sure they don't lose pace lol.  I may not be online all the time but please give a text/call if anything.  It's already October and we don't have long to get up to day5!!!

This won't make sense to you but this is for Mike to tweak the fonts from the Cutscene: ('' denotes as above).

Before you begin <-- Droid Sans Mono, 20pt #cccccc
Next Page buttons <-- Andale mono, 18pt, #ffffff
Studio Wasabi <--- '', '', #999999
Hungry <-- LLrubber Grotesque, 72pt, #ffffff
Whispers <--- Seedy Motel, 72pt, #cccccc
Demo/A team wasabi production <-- Andale mono, 18pt, #999999
Blogologue text:
- Travelling typewriter, 20pt, #cccccc
Until it goes to the line "I couldn't tell them..." where the colour changes to #000000
Low battery <--- Droid Sans Mono, 20pt, #0099FF with a glow filter of the or slightly lighter colour. Forgot to check but whatever looks good and is readable.


I'm off to bed XD


  1. yeah sunday meet up would be kool o yeah jason (Nadine's Brother asked if he can come to the Science Museum too)

  2. ohhhhh yeah you definately need a break jade, rest that hand!!! RSi is so bad =(

    i can keep working on the bgs but since im going to be at my sisters house in portsmouth i wont have much activity today but will probably have at least another done for tomorrw~ :)

    i propose... that we have the player live thing on the sunday i guess..?? but i dont really mind either way! im keeping both days all day free so ill do whatever XD

  3. and im fine with jason coming! will be nice to see him again :)

  4. Invite to Jason and proposition are both accepted!

    Cool lets all meet up on sunday :D (Mike, Michelle you're more than welcome to leave your stuff at my house and collect them later, would suck to drag it all over town lol).

    Awesome, looking forward to more bgs! It just occurred to me that I need to do loads more cutscenes T_T which I'm slightly worried about. But hey I can always tweak the script and cut bits out.

    Time's getting short again, keep up the good work people!


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