Wednesday, 14 September 2011

quick notice

hey team wasabi~~

just wanted to say i don't think i'll be able to contribute much for awhile, atm I'm working towards a job and need to add a lot of new things to my portfolio quite quickly so will be spending nearly all of my time working towards that.
I will still check back to the blog to keep updated and in a little while I'll be happy to colour things since that doesnt' take too much time.. but hope that's okay! everything is looking so fantastical here, keep up the great work and I hope I will be back in action here soon x


  1. No problem Michelle, glad to know!

    Good luck with your portfolio work and thanks for the offer! I shall take it into special consideration and will send you stuff that will hopefully take as little of your time as possible.

    If for instance I can send you the final 3D render shots of say a background and stuff like "could you paint over this, main colours are warm yellow/orange/red colours, make it slightly dreamy" etc would that be okay? Having the 3D renders finalised will cut out the amount of time in which you'd need to fiddle with perspectives etc so it should be okay.

    Thanks for checking back on us and good luck :D

  2. yup that sounds good!! im fine with that :D can it be in a couple of weeks though? things should have cleared by then ^^ *fingers crossed am getting so sick of portfolio work*

  3. Awesome-sauce! Sounds like a plan Batman!

    Yep, in a couple; as you can see we've only just begun implementing the use of 3D so I've yet to test the best method to incorporate it into the main engine. Once we've sorted out the best method I'll know what you'll need to do by then :3

  4. scrap what i last said - as soon as a bg is ready send it to me, will put my portfolio to the side for a little bit and work on it before/after i get new HW stuff
    are there any ready now to colour?

  5. I'm afraid not at the moment, unless you'd like to attempt to colour over the 3D items done by Rumzi?

    I've poked ML so I should receive his work in the next couple of days :D.

    Thanks Michelle! <3

  6. ahh, like the phone and things? im not sure if ill be able to do too much else right now so i might wait until the backgrounds are ready and try to finish my portfolio in the meantime this week so i dont have to worry about that anymore and can concentrate on this full-time XD


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