Monday, 19 September 2011

City & Story

Hey ya Guys

I was talkin to Jade a few weeks ago
an thought it would be a idea to have a history story of the city
as well as name for the city so this is what i came up with

(o yeah i doin a landmark for the City so i did a story for that to)
Hope you like

The Legend of the City

Centuries ago in a land hauling far in the East, raged in civil war between the east side of the Land and the west, The East thats remained Loyal to the Emperor, Fighting against the West who resided with a Traitor of the Emperor's Council

The War Raged on for 3 years with both sides even, Until one day a poor Village man from the east side, appeared to the Emperor with plans of new weapons and amazing strategies.

Desperate the Emperor accepted the man's Plans and put them to work. In within 2 months the war came to an end with the east victorious thanks to the village mans plans. In great Joy the Emperor rewarded the man, and said "For He who helped the Empire and your Emperor, you will be richly rewarded for your deeds" . The Emperor gave the man tons of money and gold for him and his village, then said "Take the River down my lands and if you can find an empty spot, that land shall be yours and your peoples" Overjoyed the man hurried back to his village with the money and the news.

The very next day the men of the Village casted off down river in search for the new land. the night fell and the moon was full the Villagers had no secess on finding a new spot of land but continued on their quest. Then the Man who helped win the war heard a voice telling him to take the left fork up ahead up the river, the man looked up at where the voice was coming from and looks at the moon to see a image of a Great White Phoenix Spirit.

After taking the left fork the Phoenix used the night wind to guard them the rest of the way, until they reached a big lake that connected to the river and a second river on the other side surrounded by clear lands, with a small island in the center, this was what they were looking for.

After collecting the rest of the villagers and finally built their new village, the man and the villagers decided in repect for the Emperors for giving them this land, they will build a Castle on the Island in the lake with a bridge connecting it. After finding out the Emperor was very honoured and completion of the castle, he came to visit the village many times.

The Village was named after the name of the Phoenix who showed them the way to the new land the name of the Phoenix was Ye Feng. (Centuries later a city was built over the Village but the Castle remained)

The Legend of the Castle

The Legend says 9 years after the village was built, a hoard Demons that gether in a area near the Village, with out warning attacked and Terrorized the Village for 5 nights. After hearing this the Emperor gathered all of his high Priests and Soldiers to help the village. The Battle lasted for 2 day until the priests managed to contain the demons. Know that Demon will alway return the Emperor ordered the priests to imprison the Demons underneath the castle, the Priests did as he ordered and casted a spell of sealing to trap the Demons forever.

However the High Priest told the Emperor and the Villagers thats to keep the demons sealed, shrines must be built and on this day every year they must pray to keep the seal strong. The Emperor agreed and had 4 shrines where built around the Castles and every year that day is to celebrate to Victory over the Demons as well.

(even how groups of priests go to each Shrine and pray on that day every year as Tradition)


  1. Merlin's beard that's an awesome legend that you've written Errol! I'm so impressed by the work and the imagination that has gone into this!!!

    It's just given me so many more ideas to play around with - what locations that we can build up for after day5 and all the red herrings I can write just to make it even creepier using the history that you've written. I'm loving the whole shrine idea and I'm seeing a lot of puzzle based stuff in which you'd have to do something at each of the shrines. Maybe instead of of having an imprisonment at the bottom of the castle, they created a make shift gate to hell. This way it ties into the the whole Ghost Month lore.

    I'm so fuggin excited about this man :D You should post more often Errol!!!

  2. Wooo lol ive unleashed the powers of Jades imagination, lol yeah i love the gates of Hell idea... wonder where thats goin to go

  3. i remember you telling me about this :D
    your story telling skills are epic mah boi!!!!

  4. Thank Dudette
    i was hoping it wasnt to much ^^;


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