Monday, 19 September 2011

Inventory ideas and angry man designs (and not in that order)

So the title really says it all so lets get to it. (Jades watching us) So up first is the angry man on the train design. Kind of realised he hadn't been designed yet so I set about it yesterday. I did a couple of designs (didn't really go into clothes as I figured he would be wearing shirt/tie in any designs) so I focused on the face. There's one I think is the strongest design and believe works best, but I did a few more just to mess around a bit and make sure I'd got the right idea. I'll let everyone else see which one they like the most (the one in the upper left makes me laugth).
So I've also done some designs for the inventory system. I know Jade has had some trouble designing it and quite frankly I had trouble designing it too and one idea I hit upon is; do we really need a separate screen for the items. There's several reasons I thought this. For one the separate screen for the items adds nothing other then allowing us to see a close up of the item itself (hold on I'll come back to that) . We could of used it for combining items and we can, but it seems just as easy to do that in the main game screen (you'll select the item, press the combine button and then click the item you wish to combine with). Due to a quirk of the engine (and by quirk I mean really annoying glitch that means you can't select an item and then switch state - side note - a way around that just occurred to me this second but lets leave that for now) all the items have to be displayed on the main screen, which I think is quite helpful and makes selecting items easier anyway. There's little need for a screen purely for the inventory as it doesn't seem to do much. So what I propose is that we scrap that screen altogether and have it so that when you use the look function on an item in the inventory, it will display the dialog explaining what that item is and show a close up of that item on top of the screen. Like so;

BUT! Because I know this idea may not be popular or I've missed something that someone will bring up in the comments, I did a quick whip up of the layout for the inventory screen anyway. Though it does result in a lot of empty space which is a bit of a shame, but honestly I'm really struggling with it. This design I believe would be the most efficient and practical, all the items down one side and the description and image on the right when clicked on. Not all that different from the TKON one. For things like the phone there would be an option to use and by pressing on use it would then take you to another screen altogether (which is actually how it would work in the other design too).
(Prize to who ever spots the item that dosen't belong)
I didn't go all out on the graphics as I wanted to focus on the layout and get that down before worrying about the overall look of it.

Just in case anyone asks. I know in a lot of other games the items are displayed in like a drop down box and believe me I tried to get something like that working, its not the fault of as3 or flixel but mine that I just can't get it to work properly. It basically would end up crashing the file as it wouldn't frikkin disappear after you clicked and after much trial and error I just figured to leave it. But that's actually another reason I like the idea I've proposed, if you think to monkey island 4's inventory, that just appears over the current screen as do ermm probably a lot of other games that I cant think of right now!

Anyway enjoy. And if people really don't like this idea or the layout for the inventory screen I'm sure we can figure out some new design that works even better and I'll have a bit more a think about it.


  1. I love angry guy, I like the top left one too XD

    Cheers for your update! I'm afraid I forgot about the combine button in my wips but I'm sure I can just add a button somewhere once I fully understand how you intend to program it.

    Good work Mike, I'm very impressed! Now i just need to practise drawing Yu again so that I can get a move on with some persona-esque animations >_<!

  2. poor angry man... why is he so angry? do we know? o___o

    the item that doesnt belong.. its not the one under the keys is it.. i cant tell what that is though XD

    nice work with the faces! i think i like the middle bottom one.. although top left one is pretty cool methinks :D

    layout looks good :D

  3. He was on holiday but had to travel back to his office because of some overseas deal - all in the script! But I may amend it in due time.

    I've actually no idea which is the item that doesn't belong ... it's either the squid or the ice cubes?

  4. Ha ha! It is the ice cubes! (Or you could say the squid). As the squid is there, the ice cubes shouldn't be as they would of been combined with the towel to make the squid.

  5. Hooray! So I got it right yes?? Do I get a cookie?! XD

  6. Sorry, someone already eated it.


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