Friday, 9 September 2011

Update from Team Wasabi Meet

Before I begin, I've been through most of the posts to re-tag some posts.  "Day1-2" has been added as well as "Train" so please bare this in mind when making any future posts.

There was a mini team Wasabi meeting last Sunday if I recall the day properly.  Not much was done, just a lot of talking and brain storming for the plot for HW ;D So far, I think only Mike has the best knowledge of the story, but I need to know what does everyone know of the story?  What do people expect to happen after the train sequence?  I'm curious to see everyone's expectations and then I'll have a better idea in how to write the plot/twists based on that expectation. Except you Mike, you're not allowed because you're the only one who probably knows the story inside out now XD Oh and Rumzi too but I'm not sure how you feel about it because you were busy eating Haagen Daz... XD

At this moment in time I'm working between finishing the Day1 Blogologue as well as writing a chronological plot line comparing Yu and Kemi so that it'll be easy to see how their paths influence each other which I think will be pretty interesting. It's taking a while because I need to brush up in my programming skills for the use of sound and THAT REMINDS ME I should post up link to what I've done so far in forums to see whether I can get that weird glitch sorted out.

Regarding the Defibrillator puzzle: instead of doing it physically, I was wondering if we could have an 'instruction manual' flash back for Yu - that way we won't have to draw anything realistic and we could have a timer count down or something. Each 'miss' will reveal a hint for the player to drag and drop the defib patches to the right area of the body diagram let's say.  I can draw a mock up picture of it later.  My friend Jojo who works in A&E has kindly sent this picture which may be useful too:

Again, may be too much detail for the sake of this puzzle but the info's there :D

HW Ref Flickr album has been updated thanks to Errol!  I've also updated it with a few more Asian-esque stuff that I thought will be interesting from my trip to the V&A. Remember I'm not limiting the whole concept to just China, anything Oriental is fine really, and I have to post up this picture of mannequins that we encountered cos they're just freaky:

It has given me some ideas for what this conceptual entity could possibly look like: shadow people who wears hats that keeps popping up and chasing after Yu/Kemi XD

Anyway I believe that's all for now, I'm still in that weird transition of getting back into work so please bare with me for another day or so.  Thanks!



    ps mind blown
    maybe we can simplify the puzzle down... hmm

  2. HAHA YES! If Slenderman wears a suit/tie then these guys will wear hats XD. Will try and find some good pics from the fuan no tane manga!

    Yep, I was thinking that'll be a good way to do the puzzle but I'll wait for the others to have a look too.

    ps what's your take on the plot for HW so far? :3


    sounds good!! jade btw can you link me again to that creepy manga? i cant seem to get the link again on facebook.. it keeps saying internal error or something

    my take is that i like it but i think im a bit behind and need to read the most recent additions .__.

  4. Creepy manga? The fuan no Tane one? Here it is!

    Haha yes Mike is there...HE IS NEXT D:

    Oh no worries then, pls take your time and I shall await some feedback >3<

  5. Well Wasabi, before I came back from cat sitting down south we talked about the plot. You talked about what happened to kemi in relation to the business man and the reporting and how each time Yu visits her state deteriorates. Did you want to go more in depth. I can if you wish expand from what I have heard?

  6. Aha, the plot has evolved since that time - although that plot element in which you've mentioned is still included. Sure expand away, I'm intrigued with what people think so far :)

  7. I sort of know whats going on, i remember the new parts with the entity causing an accident in a van and also kemi visiting the stalkers house.

  8. Lol okay, what's the feedback with it then Rumzi?

  9. The new version is good because it has more twists and turns, also it allows for more puzzles and scary moments.

  10. As I'm not allowed to comment on the story all I shall say is this - me and the woman behind me look like we are some kind of pattern on slender man's cousin's robe.

  11. Well I've posted up the notes on the story now so it's all up there for ppl to look at now XD


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