Thursday, 15 September 2011

Defib puzzle rambling

I'll copy/pasta from my previous comment:

I was just thinking about the defib puzzle couple of days back.  Instead of having a close up of Kenny's chest I was thinking about Yu having a momentary flashback to one of his medical textbooks in how and when to use the defib.

You would need to turn on the defib for it to charge. In the meantime, you'll need to attach the pads to the right area of the chest.

There will be a diagram of a person and players would need to attach the  pads to the right place; possibly by trial and error?

Once they're attached, the defib analyses whether the person needs to be administered a shock (shockable rhythm or not) and will be shocked.  Maybe you need to hit the button when the needle points to shockable and you can't miss? Mike, let's discuss this puzzle nearer the time.

There is a time limit to get the patches right as well as administrating the shock.  I was thinking that the longer it takes for players to get it right, the visuals will start blurring/decaying and Yu will start having flashbacks from that day in A&E along with warped/creepy sound design.

If you fail this flashback scene, Yu has another mental breakdown and Kenny dies.  Actually this'll be a good narrative branch that we could possibly expand on for the full version.  Hmm let's keep it simple for now and just make it have a game over scene.  It'll be cool if the result this puzzle has an actual effect on the story though!

Anyway, that's my rambling.

I've added a 'Puzzle Design' tag and will go back and re-tag a few posts.

As an added bonus, I was re-playing the Edgeworth game and I took a few pictures:

This was literally Mike's reaction to reading the Korean horror comic. No joke.

This is similar to what I had in mind for having two characters on screen so it makes it quite nice to see both character reactions to certain statements.

Ema Skye is back! And she reminds me of Kemi :3



  1. cammy is so cute XD and yay for ema :D she actually reminds me of kemi now.....

    im liking the idea for the 'bad ending' as well... poor poooorr yu and kemi.. we are mean XD
    sounds tough to come up with the puzzle..

  2. Ema does have that "i'm a little sister" air about her so that's probably why lol.

    Yes...we are mean but that's what gives a game replay value right? XD

    Yeh it's tough to come up with a puzzle cos it's really based on our programming capabilities o_O

  3. lol that is basically kemi. Also if its difficult to create the puzzle due to programming limitations, maybe we could come up with a puzzle within those limitations?

  4. Sounds like a plan, I will talk to Mike when he's next free.

  5. Well I cannot add to the programming effort but the idea of having both parties in a conversation on screen at the same time sounds good, also in the train area of the script there are times when the other party won’t respond so you could just have Yu on his own with the text box at the bottom. So you don’t have a person just standing there, just his inner dialogue. On the programming of the puzzle break down each stage of the puzzle and what assets are needed that way it is easier to manage.

  6. That's a good idea in how to break down tackling the puzzle! Let's see what Mike say :D

    I did think of not having any character animations for the inner dialogue scenes however having Yu's character animation does work like in the Hotel Dusk games. It does make sense not to have any character animation for the inner dialogue but I think it also wouldn't feel right not to see them. Humans do have physical reactions to their thoughts a lot of the time even if they don't see it, other people do so it'll keep to the whole 3rd person view of things me thinks!

  7. So the puzzle will be done as a sort of flash back? I like that in some ways as in reality Yu probs wouldnt screw up as he's done it so many times before. What you've described for the puzzle sounds quite complex on the programming side though.

    - Attaching the pads to the right area I think would be really easy

    - For the thing going up and down I can have some sort of condition that if its on the same X axsis of another object it will allow u to adminstor a shock or have u fail, so I reckon thats possible when I think about it.

    - The visuals and music distorting I wouldnt have a clue how to do. Lemme think about it some more.

    - My only major problem with how the puzzle ends is if you fail, Kenny dies. But Kenny dies as aprt of the story anyway, so knowing that it feels kinda weird that you get a game over for failing, but like you said maybe in the finished game the story will branch off and continue.

    Also love the images from the edgeworth game. Ah! I see the Meele also protects officer bear when things get scary.



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