Friday, 21 October 2011

After hours of trying to get the cutscenes to work...

I present thee the fruits of our labour.

Well done guys.

While we weren't able to include all the fantastic ideas, I'm so proud of everyone here including Mike who lost so much sleep over the damn engine and putting up with my nit-picking as the director.

It's not perfect but it's at least playable and might I add...creepy!

Congratulations everyone, we deserve a party once I get back to London ;)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Off to bed. But first I'll just leave this here

EDIT:LOL opps uploaded the wrong version, correct version up now

So yeh I believe that makes it pretty much done, there's even a preloader in there. Though I dare say there are one or two minor changes I've will need to make (obvious one that stands out is the uncoloured items). One thing I should point out now of all the things I was told to change the magazine cut scene one I couldn't. Goodness knows why the music goes out of sync, either the images are going to fast or the music is somehow going too slow and I'm not sure which it is or indeed why one would be going at a different speed than the other. I even just stopped separating the music and video and left them in the original drop box version where its perfectly in sync and it still messed up! You're just gonna have to blame that on the engine.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Landmark Design - Ship Connection

OK this is the Ship design that connects the Bridge were

the Landmark is located.

The ship is part of the story of the Villagers that when on the quest to find a

new land for their People, so i thought i make the ship saying that

the emperor's gave 4 river boats to them.

The Bridge Connection ships light up from the inside when anyone walks onto the ship,

to show some one is there and the spirits are with them (takes the idea).

The ships Design is a mix of Chinese/Japanese river boat style

i think it came out very well :D i hope it works for this Landmark and its story.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Phew. Right. ALMOST done


Everything exsist now within this latest update in some shape or form. Most of it's complete, some especialy towards the end you will notice is not. I got rid of a few bugs as well. The dialog sometime gets repeated and the characters names and expressions haven't been done yet and the three extra items don't have any colour.

Just a note on how to play - to give the guard your train ticket you need to press it and then press the hand button and the click over the guard. To combine items it's more or less the same, you just click the item and then drag it over the item in your inventory you want to combine it with. To use the ice pack of rage guy you just do the same thing as with the guard. Annoying some thing were deciding not to work today and the only was around it was to use some dirty tricks but hopfully they're not that visible as I didn't have the time to investigate other methods.

Landmark Design

Hey Yo Guy this is my idea for the City's landmark if you can remember the story i did for the city and the Landmark.

The first is the basic designs for it i was deciding on ether a Chinese or a Japanese

style of castle but i think i like the Japanese one better ;)

The Four Squares that is shown on the Birdseye view is the 4 shrines

the surround the castle.

The Phoenix is the small statues on the side of the roofs

and the long bits on the walk way that rounds the castle

are in the shape of the boots that the villagers sealed

in to field the land and when someone enters the window light up

This one is the design for the walk way for each of the four shrine's this surrounds

the castle, the walls on the path i thought it could pictures of the ghosts

or the tell of the city and how it came to be in painting

This is the design of the shrine

the place where the Priest's come the pray

and the praying grounds in front of the building

The Alter that is inside of the building (on top left)

will have a very small lantern on it instead of the tradition rope

OK i hope that's it OK Jade, plz tell me what you think and all the rest

of the team and others thanks

The walkway boat are the next thing that is coming nxt

Thank guys .. Peace out ;)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Just a little post

Hi guys. This is just a post to confirm that I am working on the engine and I shall probably be working most if not all of the night to try and get it all done. Wish me luck!


the credits are in my scraps.

I am now going to go collapse into bed, 27hrs now!  I can technically still go on and work but my ears and my back says no.  Saying that, I was up for 3 days straight in my first year, then performed in an evening concert on the 3rd day. That was an interesting day XD

What song should play for the credits?

Silent Hill (kinda) Theme 1

or Theme 2?

or something a bit more sombre

Damn composer's block.

ED Preview


The last pic is filled with potential for a gag gallery.  Now to animate ...

Yay for Yu filled with moar angst.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Defib puzzle thingy test

I wasn't sure what you meant when you wanted the graphics for the defib test, is this on the right track?

lol scenes.

Day1: Bar (Michelle, I just used your bg layers from your previous work and mirrored it to fill windows, hope you don't mind).

Day2: Bar before defib puzzle (lol poor Kenny, it looks like he's planking XDDD)

Day2: Bar after defib puzzle

Urgh okay another 3 done! I would work on these longer but time is of an essence.

I'll just update what I've done so far:
- Done the buttons and rollover states for the bartender
- Done the buttons and rollover states for Kenny and Magazine options

Note, Kenny and Magazine options are a simple Y/N so they can use the same assets.

Which just reminds me, we need a mag cover! Will do so now ....

(30 mins later)...

Cool, we now have a mag cover XD.  Mike, would you be able to make it 3D like you did with the ticket when you implement this?

Wow I'm all Photoshop out but I still need to do the ending cutscene.  Will get onto it later today and then all the major stuff should be done and then the epic tweaking shall commence!

Right, I'm contemplating whether I should go out and get breakfast or just go to bed....hmmm!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mock ups

Bar before crash base

Bar before crash base + light filter

Bar before crash + interface test

Bar before crash base + interface/dialogue test

Bar before crash base + interface/dialogue with extra sprite test

... Mike I can't remember if you've programmed in the sprites for all dialogue....

Anyway this is what I meant by having a 50% black opacity over the bg when Yu talks to another character, the focus would be on on the characters and not on the bg like so.

10 hours later!


 The offical placeholder image that I've used for the defib puzzle.
Oh hi all. So yeh, I started working about 10 hours ago and here is the fruits of my labour. Long story short - I've just done the defib puzzle (with dirt simple graphics) which was really the last hurdle to overcome. There's about 5 pages left to do but other then the items it doesn't look like anything that bad (coding wise bad) is going to happen. Anyway, enougth said, here's the update. Just a note of warning this uses dirt simple graphics when I didn't have anything to use. White boxes in general mean it's a clickable area (except the two just above the inventory box in the bar area, they will be used later) and long white boxes that appear during conversations are placeholders for the options. You have to talk to everyone in the bar area on the second day (oh god that feels so long ago now) in order to progress the game and be able to examine the magazine rack in Yu's room. Also the performance has greatly increased (after the post I made last night I figured out how you're supposed to do it) as has the file size. Oh yeh and the new cut scene is in the game as well. I gotta say on a side note that I love it, the music and artwork are great. Was very creepy especially when a ghostly image of the cut scene would start fading into other scenes after the cut scene was supposed to of finished which freaked me out (sadly I've removed that glitch).  Good job Jade and Michelle!    Oh yeh and to leave the drawing puzzle press the white square. Can't think of anything else, I'm a bit all over the place right now. Right, time to relax!

My ears hurt D:

But I think I'm on schedule ... o_O. At least the magazine cutscene is done hooray!

- Teaser Trailer cutscene
- Odd bit of artwork here and there
- Odd bit of music/sound design here and there
- 5000 word essay.

Reckon I can get it done in the next two days?

I recommend watching with headphones.


Easter Egg teaser trailer

I've got an idea for a little Easter Egg scare to tag on at the end of the trailer. Assume that you'd be wearing headphones for this....

The scene shows Yu on the phone looking at himself in the mirror.  You'd hear the phone ringing coming from the right headphone and you'd hear it pick up.  Then either you'd hear something talk to you and then hear it instantly 'behind' you (yay for binaural post processing) or should you just hear something straight behind you?

On both accounts of hearing the thing behind you, you'd see something appear behind Yu in the mirror.

Question now... which scene should this take place in? I've thought up of a train window (different train from the beginning), bus stop, bathroom, derelict hallway or a a conceptual reflection which doesn't give any hint of where he Yu actually is (but I'd need to draw some slightly more complex perspectives).

Ideas go!

Ps some more inspiration:

Very short update before going to bed

Phew ok. So the other day I discovered that the performance of HW engine was awful and within a few minutes it would throttle your RAM. I knew the performance wasn't optimised but I had no idea that it would be consuming about 1GB of ram. Anyway some tweeks later (mainly changing all the characters to sprite sheets rather then what I had done before) and it's working a lot better now. However if the game continues for long enougth it will eventually crash. It should be alright for the demo but it's something I will have to look into in the future but it's something I've wasted too much time on today but at least I did make some progress. Anyway, up to the oldman conversation, after that its the crash and hopefully I will have all that done by Sunday then can spend the rest of the week tweeking. Night night all!

Friday, 14 October 2011

concepty stuff

first of all.. bar scene after the crash;

any thing else needed adding? there wasnt much stuff to wreck in the room lol.

And I neatened up the magazine illustrations a bit, but its still b&w since there isnt time to add colour..


Potential cover art?

Too bad my original was insanely small - I originally intended it to be a small doodle but didn't realise that it would turn out to be a final concept piece. Oh well!

Jade & Michelle's work COMBINE.

As I thought, the blurb may be a bit too long.  If it can be shortened anymore that would be great but I think for now it's fine.

Edit: clean ver.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

bar second attempt

have also added to drop box! sorry this is the best i can do tonight, so so tired and feeling a bit=__= sick

Bar first attempt

my first attempt at colouring the bar.... such a complicated background o__o im very impressed with the modelling.

crit crit crit

You guys.

Are awesome.

Keep it up everyone, we're nearly there!  Enjoy some Harrey Podder.

I've started writing a Silent Hill inspired track.  It really sounds like SH omg >_<.  Don't know if I should include it into the HW demo but see how it goes.  I've also updated some sfx into dropbox, nothing big.

Other than doing some quick researching I haven't done a lot of practical stuff at the moment but I shall carry on tomorrow.  The only things that I think I need to tackle for the game asset wise are

- Animate magazine cutscene
- Animate teaser cutscene
- CU for Yu's phone (do user buttons to answer/ignore).
- BG for phone dialogue.
- Music/SFX.
- 5000 word write up

I'm so glad that I've written out the script so that I can quickly look through it and see what needs to be done. Managing stuff level up!

Oh yeh Mike, how's it going with doing Yu's laptop close up?

Go Team Wasabi!! :D

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Now you TOO can draw elephants in Hungry Whispers

Evening all. Busily working on the engine and about to call it a day but just thought I'd let you all know that the best feature we ever decided to implement into this game is finally in. You can draw elephants. I enclose my rendition of one. Oh yeh and the optional choice question at the end of day 1 is in too but the buttons to press are all blank so I need to create something for that. Every things going pretty smoothly at the moment and it's really just a case of getting everything into the engine. I'm going through the script systematically and so everything up to the point of the drawing puzzle is now in, albeit in a rather rougth way. Some talky bits don't have any animations or it claims the wrong character is talking but at the moment I just wanna get everything in there before I start doing all that stuff. But either way there will be an engine update tomorrow. And as another fun treat I just thought I'd let you all have a look at the code for the train carriage scene so far.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lets listen to my engine

 TO MICHAEL! This advert genuinely makes me happy.


So yeh, sounds working! If there's one thing I've learnt from doing this project is that something is usually not working because I left out the word 'static' when declaring the variable. That little word has helped out a lot here in getting certain things like working like the music to start playing once and only once when you start the game rather then creating an infinite amount of instances of the sound till it crashes. And also so that when you talk to someone you get a different conversation depending on how many times you've talked to them. Here for instance when you reach carriage 5 (background to be inserted) pressing the white square in the top left hand corner allows you to talk to the bartender, you can then not talk to him again until you have taken the phone call from Kemi, which to do so you must go outside into carriage 4. Once that's done you can talk to the Bartender again. That's were this demo ends but I shall be adding a multi choice question there which will be easy. I think I need to alter a few of the sounds like the PA ones so that you can't spam the text but other then that it's coming along nicely. Again no cutscene with this version so we can focus on the other areas.

random scribblings of an idiot

little concept art ideas that were starting to form in my head o__o
i stole the first bg from one of jades china town pics as well as the masks from an ealier post..

these could potentially be for the magazine;

and these two are just random.. the second one has a bit of the magazine concept art over it to suggest shes being haunted by LATERNS. OH GOD NO.

Hungry Whispers Sprite Preview

lol sprite

Download the full version off my dA, my all-nighter can now end.

*collapses into bed*

More Inspirations for Concept Art goodness

Featuring Takeru-san on dA:

And last but not least, his Silent Hill and L4D2 parodies....

I did the exact same thing when I was the boomer in versus.  One person on the survivors just rage typed "CHEAAAAT" "CHEEEAAAAAT" at me.  It was funny lmao.