Sunday, 18 September 2011

Deadline Update

After getting a slight shock today as I got an email reply from my tutor saying that my deadline was the 30th Sept, it's now been moved to the 21st Oct.  The day before I officially move out from Bath back to London. :O

So I propose that our new deadline be MONDAY 17TH OCTOBER 2011!!

Our aim to finishing days1-5 for the 30th Sept still stands - then we have a few weeks to tweak and do any final testing.  Everyone cool with doing a high quality demo for the first 5 days?  After we do that we can take our time to work on the rest of the game.  (Sorry Errol, my priority at the moment is to focus on finishing the train bits.  There will be a time in which we can focus on your research for the city so I'm afraid I'll have to put it on hold.  On the plus side, that'll give you as much time in the world to research and create its history!)

ML/Rumzi: I will need you guys to focus on the 3D bits of the train.  The sooner we can sort out the camera angles for the train the better.  I'll keep trying to get in contact with ML for the train bits, Rumzi would you mind starting on Yu's house?

Artists: I'll need your help with painting the backgrounds >_<.  I know it's a tedious task but with the help of the people working on the 3D stuff, you wouldn't need to worry about getting the perspective right and you can just focus on creating the scenes.  I will do the post production work such as overlaying some filters to keep the style consistant.

Me: I will focus on the character assets for the bare minimal animations; Mike I'll leave you in charge with this when the time comes.  I'll also help out with the animations so maybe we can assign certain characters for ourselves (perhaps I'll work on the main characters, Mike the minor?).
- All audio/music. Mike, I'll talk you thought it in due time.
- All cut scenes.

Everyone else:
Comment, comment, comment.  I can't stress enough how important feedback is. Even if it's just a comment to acknowledge the fact that you've read a post. As long as I have an indicator of whether it's a positive or negative post, I can sort it out immediately and not waste any time on it.

Lastly, someone want to write a proper blurb for this game?  My ability to write has gone out the window and I'm definitely not a writer XD.  I shall leave this post open to see if anyone wants to tackle it.

In other news, the OP PREVIEW which I've posted up on my dA account has 58 comments, and 34 favourites in just under THREE days.  Which is A LOT (for me) and is evident of the positive interest in this project! WOO!  I swear I only get like 10 feedback messages or so and most of them are talking with you guys so to get like 70 odd messages just for the OP PREVIEW made my day. So far there are no majorly wrong bits in it which is awesome.

Dang it, it's so damn close lol.  Right.  I'm off to the land of Photoshop.  Sorry to scare everyone with my earlier text message! XD

Go Team Wasabi! Go go go!


  1. im so glad its been a success already on dA! could be because of the groups you submitted it too as well, very good signs :D

    and yay im so glad for the extension.. phew

    im fine with painting over the 3D backgrounds, its what i was doing for the last year for my FMP so i think i can get at least one done this week and hopefully quite quickly. i have graduation next week and am out and about going job hunting/to interviews on a couple of days so dont have a huge amount of time but ill see what i can do!! just send away~

  2. Yep! Direct marketing to a certain extent XD

    Thanks Michelle! I'll poke ML to get a move on with the train backgrounds. Once I've approved of the ones to that will be painting, I'll post them online so that you can pick which ones you wanna paint. I'll try and get them to you asap so that you can take your time painting them C:

    Thanks again! Sorry to trouble you T_T!

  3. thats okay!! theres not a huge rush, i think i am actually free most days next week except the weekend as you know ;) but this week im out a lot so he can take his time and ill do most of it then.

    thank you!! <3<3<3
    and you're not troubling me jade, i feel like im troubling you o__o

  4. Brilliant, I love it how things kinda fits in together *phew*!

    no no, you're no trouble at all! *glomp* :D

  5. Good luck with your interviews Michelle, let me know how they go!

    Alright panic over, we got time now. In a way it was actually good because it's been kind of a wake up call for me and now we've been given a second chance to move it along. Yep, I'll start doing the poses for the minor characters cause thats something I can work on while I'm not at a computer which when I'm working is most of the day. And yeh I'll continue with the paintings cause I'm enjoyng doing those, and the engine of course. Glad we got extra time, crisis averted.

  6. thanks mike! theyre not like job interviews though, just job center interviews LOL

    glad the panics over but yeah i think we all had a wake up call... i will strive to get some backgrounds done once i get the files, should have time to do at least one.



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