Friday, 16 September 2011




  1. Ok the opening works for me I can’t see anything wrong with it, although does the audio of the train cut out to quickly when he is writing or is that purposeful. Anyway good work.

  2. Still very good, the effects for the moving train work really well, this is really starting to come along nicely!

  3. Tim: Yep, that was intentional ;D I think I'll update this post later just to explain the whys and hows of the sound direction for my write up and for anyone else who's interested :)

    Rumzi: Thanks! It has like .... 44 new notifications worth of faves and comments which is makes me really happy! There are a few things that I may consider tweaking like the 'next page' buttons changing to just 'next' and sorting out the moving train animation on the first scene but I don't think that's a major issue atm.

    Oh and the text discrepancy...that's annoying too >__<

  4. I've left a comment on dA but I'll leave a quick note here. I think the animations and the music all work really well together. My favourite part is on the second screen where the subtle streams of light move across the screen. Really good, its gonna be a great opening.

  5. *celebrates* \o/
    so awesome jade!! and its got the love it deserves :D


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