Saturday, 3 September 2011

Remember when I said I was going to kill you last? I LIED!

So I realised I haven't made a post here in quite some time and seeing as I've stopped been lazy and actually started doing some work I figured I'd upload it now rather then do a big update later in the week. So my main update is that I've finally got myself a graphics tablet, specifically wacom's bamboo pen (not touch, that would cost more and I really don't see any need for it) so I cant start doing some more work in the computer which basically means I can get painting and will also mean animation will become a lot easier to do too.

Anyway the first thing I have to show Is some rougth sketches for Yu's room on the train that I've done based of Jade's layout. I originally did the shot at the bottom but realised there was quite a few problems with it. Firstly it left out a lot of the details from Jade's original sketch due to the angle and also the angle itself made no sense. If we are supposed to be seeing from Yu's perspective then he must be about to jump out the window. The top drawing I think is better as it includes all the details and everything is a lot more visible. I'm not sure how striking it is though compared to the first one, so maybe it needs work but I figured that would be the general angle. I realised one of the reasons I went for the original angle was because of concern that the player wouldn't be able to click the door to leave but since we dropped that idea and simply have arrows to show where you can move it doesn't matter anymore.

This is for one of the close ups at the bar. It's actually not that great but I figured I'd post it as I want to talk about it a little bit. Rather then redrawing this I'm simply going to start painting over it and use it as a base.

Did somebody say animation? I sure hope they did! As I've done one incredibly awkward looking and low fps (frames per second not first person shooter) test. I had a mini debate with myself as to weather I should bother posting this or not as I don't think it gives across very well what I want it to look like as this was done in a very sporadic way (random drawngs, scanned at different points in time and I think even drawen with different pencils). Future animations will probably be drawn straight into the computer rather then having any of that scanning mambo jumbo in the middle. Though I almost certainly will draw the key frames by hand and then scan them in as I find that so much easier.

Also I did a test for the wobble idea I had inspired by those korean comics. Again I'm not sure if this really gives across what it would look like but it gives a basic idea of what I was thinking.

Animations may be laggy and suck so download if its crashing or going too slow.

Things I plan to do this week;

- Start painting and finished the bar close up
- Start painting over some of Rumzi's finished objects
- Start doing animations for Yu


  1. Yuwey's room is looking ace so far! Can't wait for when it starts being coloured.

    Actually I've just thought of another issue - will there be a main artist for the backgrounds? Or will there be enough time for the 3D people to bang out a 3D rough for people to paint over? That also reminds me - are the new ppl added to the emailing list? XDDD If not we may need a main artist for the BG lineart and at least one colourist to keep things semi consistent.

    The 2nd pic of with the angle overlooking the desk is actually alright I think- unless we change it to over looking the room straight at the door in the gap between the bed and the desk. Hmm let's play around with it a bit more.

    Really like the animations so far! Did it take you long to do? What process do you think will be best to work with? Lineart with transparency? Will you be able to do some in-between animation or not?

    The 2nd animation looks really cool as well. Not sure if we should do it for block colours - maybe for shading? But as it's a test animation it still kinda works. Maybe the textures for Yu's scarf (tartan like texture) could be static whilst the animation masks over it. maybe all the characters will have some sort of intricate texture as a theme. Actually I'm liking that idea, I reckon I can find an intricate texture sample for each character!!

    Anyway, great job Mike!! :) Looking forward to the next post!

  2. great perspective on yus room, particularly the second pic :D

    and nice job with the ice... looks like its time for an ICE RAAACE

    dude awesome start with the animations!! you guys are working so hard, im so proud of you guys *w*
    i actually really like the second animation hehe

  3. Met up with Rumzi and he'll be helping out with the architecture/bg stuff. I'll make a post soon about the process of this asap because I think we've pretty much nailed it now. Just need to put it into practise!

  4. Yeh, lets work on the room a little more. Maybe I just need to make the other position look more interesting as it just seems a little plane at the moment so maybe I just need a better angle to work from. As to weather there will be one person whose in charge of painting the bgs I'm not sure, its up to you really. The only thing that would worry me slightly is do we have enougth time to give the bgs to only a single person? I cant understand why you'd want that as it would keep the style consistent. Well either way I'm gonna start doing paintings for the bg's and get some practice in over the next week so I can certainly help out with them at least.

    Also yeh more key frames can be added to the animations, the bartender is looking a bit iffy I think I need to change a few of the frames. Thankfully as this isn't like a film the animation work is pretty low by comparison to what it would otherwise be. I think the idea of using patterns behind for the characters like they do in some animes is a good way to go, I'll test that out soon.

    Michelle - Cheers ^^ We need to do MORE ice races. We haven't done any in ages! It is by far one of the most skilled and dangerous sports around. Most people sadly never finish :(

  5. I think I get what you mean by your first paragraph but yeh, let's just work out a good process to compromise time vs consistency and see how it goes.

    As long as you get the animation method that I showed you, we can give it a go as opposed to the squiggly method as it sounds like it'll be more hassle to try and get the coding. Either way, let's give it a go!

    Haha I'll need to partake in the next ice race ;D - and I might just make a reference to it because it's pretty sweet :3


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