Monday, 5 September 2011

Mental Asylum stuffs

Inspiration pics I've been looking at for the asylum..;

And my first attempt at crazy!kemi;

I wanted it to be much much more epic with detail in the background but it just didnt look good so I'm going to attempt another pic this week for it..

And then for no reason... Kemi crouching in a straight jacket XD


  1. I'M LOVE THESE!!! Awww poor Kemi ; ^ ;

    I've had a great Team Wasabi meet up and we've managed to sort out the plot pretty well now! It's just trying to do all the assets now especially for the train bit!

    Mental pics are mental especially the Kemi ones. Can't wait to see the finished-finished pics :D Well done Michelle! Keep it up!

  2. ....I think I'm in love with Kemi. That first pic is amazing.

  3. LOL! Don't tell her brother ;D

  4. thanks guys!! cant wait to hear about the meet ^^

    and what the.... i thought i was going out with kemi!!! noooooooo there is now... competition!

  5. Typical rumzi, Kemi is looking really cute though :)

    Looking really great Michelle, can I see a faint image of a noose in the first Kemi image? Seriously I think these look great.

  6. Haha guess you'll just have to fight over Kemi now! ;D

    Oh yeh I just noticed the noose but forgot to mention it in my last comment >.<'' very well done again! Can't wait to get back to Bath and back to work!

  7. thanks! and yuushhh there is a noose there >D

    what!! but i asked yu already ;w; in fact.. i dont think he replied.. ebil dude

  8. Yu probably went into a slight BSOD phase and couldn't handle it, especially now that Rumzi's in the game. So as the creator of all I'm going to let Michelle go out with Kemi and ... well, if Rumzi loves Kemi truly and dearly, he'll just have to fight with Michelle over Kemi ;D

  9. Unless Kemi is ok with having an affair :D

  10. Nah, I think Kemi is more of an airhead type character XD

  11. heh heh.....

    what...... an affair........................!


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