Saturday, 10 September 2011

The plot thickens even more!

Okay...last final kind of update before it reaches 4am!

I've written a chronological timeline for Kemi and Yu - this way it'll be easier to see how Kemi's events relate to Yu's, especially with the whole phone idea (haven't quite thought about it yet with the dream sequence yet but will get to it soon).

It can be read here:
Plot outline (pdf)

Once you've read that, then only will this flowchart make sense:
Anyway, hope this shoddy flowchart and plot outline gives everyone a better idea on how the plot and puzzle investigations pan out.  The stalker bit is Kemi's stalker and work colleague.  I would go into more detail about it later but it's all written in my notes and I'm literally about to drop so I won't explain everything here just yet. Or better yet, get Mike to explain it haha.

I've signed up to several flash forums to help with that visual discrepancy on day1's blogologue so by the time I sleep and check back, there will hopefully be a reply on it to help me tweak it.  If not I'll just carry on with how I'm working, I've procrastinated enough already as it is haha.



  1. Aww the A&E kid is no longer called Adam Evergreen :(

    I seriously love the addition of Kemi's stalker. It makes a red herring as to who may be commiting the murders and just the potential creep factor of when Yu finds the place. I made a suggestion that I dont think was in there in which Yu would get a message on his phone with a picutre of the stalkers room. I'm quite excited bout him.

    It's good we've got all the details down now as hopefully everyone gets an idea of where this story is going.

  2. I figured it was about time to name the unlucky kid! And for that matter, making it a girl ... just to balance it out? Hahah.

    Oh yeh no, I do remember the pic of stalker's room. I left it out because I'm still thinking how we could incorporate that idea into other areas of the gameplay so essentially making players rely on it in a weird way. OR making it a one off thing to make players go "WTF". Either way, still thinking about it haha.


  3. ohhh nice work making charts like this, i think its all coming together really well jade :d but still wooahh so much work to do!! oh my oh my


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