Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Yu animation keyframes

God I need more practice with my tablet. Part of the idea of me buying a new tablet was to speed up the process of drawing but it's been so long since since I've actually used one its being quite awkward. Anyway with that in mind I present the key frames for Yuey's animations. Not all of the poses are presented here (most notably the phone poses and I think one or two other poses).


 (And I just realised Yu grows and shinks about 5 inchs between several of the keyframes, noted and will be corrected).
Opinions people! I'm not sure about all of them, but I'll keep my thoughts to myself and see what everyone else says. What I may do is draw all the animations out in the computer first just to make sure they are smooth and actually work and then ironically print them all out and trace them (I have a light box so this will be easy) and then re-scan them (I have a batch scanner so again this will be easy) just to make them look better. Unless if by that time I've got more use to the drawing with the tablet. I've started doing some painting with the tablet too. I'm gonna need a bit of practice with that too. I think I shall dedicate the whole of Thursday to that.

You know what fuck it, I'm just gonna draw all the keyframes from now on by hand.


  1. Looking mighty swanky and looking forward to a proper render of it soon.

    Well done Mike! I'll have a proper comment done once I'm back in Bath because I think I've had too much red wine at my relative's wedding which makes it very hard for me to think.

  2. lol getting drunk at the wedding are we ;)
    Thats ok, I'm working on some more stuff right now so I will have more for you to comment on by that time too.

  3. Hey that red wine was actually NICE. The taste was smooth and it didn't have that strong alcoholic aftertaste you usually get when drinking red!

    Just saw your post, very nice! And very nice to wake up to in the morning XD (Another thing, WHY AM I AWAKE AT 6AM?!)

  4. OH MY GOD! '7 September 2011 07:34' What on earth you doing up at that time? I reckon your sleep cycle has just gone full circle. Glad you like it, I'll be doing some more work on those and the glass bg today, hopefully will have more to post by the end of it


    What you're doing is seriously helpful with just testing the animation/visual stuff for the assets. ML just texted saying that he's working on the train still but his tablet decided to die so I'll wait for him to get back to me so that we can experiment with painting over it and the post-processing.

    Looking forward to it!

    when did you get one??
    haha i like the one where hes looking at the paper a lot XD i think they're all fine mike, really great work :D
    jade i think you're now going to sleep when i wake up.. its like we're working in shifts..

  7. I like the idea that we're working in shifts, that menas that this HW project will be constantly being worked on...YAY! XD

    I've been playing the Miles Edgeworth game so it's bringing a lot of memories and giving me ideas in how to make a lot of the character animations with sound fx and music so it's an epic win.

  8. hell yeah ^^

    aaaahhhh and thats cool! i stopped playing on the last level, need to pick it up again >< do you like it more or less than the PW/Apollo games?


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