Thursday, 1 September 2011

Train interiors/CU concepts

Right.  Mike visiting me here in Bath proved to be highly fruitful for the HW project as we managed to get loads done.  I'll split up the scans from my sketchbook into different posts just to make it easier.

This post focuses on some of the train interiors and concepts.  Perhaps the guys working in 3D can give make us a quick draft so that we can experiment with camera angles?  I like the idea that Rumzi started with modelling stuff in greyscale then the normal artists can just paint over them.

Some random concepts for the CU such as the glass of water that the bartender gives Yu, Kenny's scribble book and the magazine concept.  If anyone wants to the page layouts/cover of the mag please feel free to...

Blue print for carriage 5-6.  I'd like to add a few more chairs and make it lo/ok cramp to give the impression that it's bigger than it actually is.  Any help from the 3D people?  Door to carriage 4 is at the bottom and 6 or 7 haven't decided is the door at the top of the scan.

Yu's compartment, didn't bother drawing the bathroom since there's no point to go in there.

Forgot to scanned this and I couldn't be asked to use the scanner so I just re-drew the CU concept I had Yu's phone.  Rumzi, do you think you can model more of Yu's phone so that we can just paint over and animated some flashing lights?



    wow, great upload dump jade ^^

  2. Thanks! Just need to start doing it now T___T

    Thank you for liking my retarded animals :)

  3. np! good luck jade, so much work ;w; but you're doing well, i believe in youuuu!

  4. Yep, just need to actually start doing it all now. I like the sad elephant the most :)

  5. Sad elephant is sad XD. Urgh I wish I wasn't going to London this weekend for a relative's wedding dinner doo dah to get stuff done but alas! I'll try and get as much done as I can before I go.

  6. What else should I add to the phone?

  7. The flippy bit of the phone like the diagram I drew above. Will explain more tomorrow.


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