Sunday, 11 September 2011

Towel with ice.....or a rare species of squid...

So I spent a while trying to simulate the cloth to make it move around the ice and eventually I got to this...

It is basically the towel tied around the ice to make it like a make-shift ice pack.

Or it's a squid...


  1. LOLOL it's so cute!!! Squidyyy~!

    Nice out Rumzi!

  2. LOL .. thats ... terrifying. Could a twoel wrapped around some ice, or a monster. I'm wondering if it would be better upside down? I know thats a simple case of us flipping the image but I'd just imagine that if you wrap a towel in ice you'd hold it together at the top.

  3. I did originally have it the other way round but it looked like a turnip...


    Or a squished carrot?

    I'm wondering whether to make the bottom more like to make it look less squidy/turnipy lol.


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