Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lets listen to my engine

 TO MICHAEL! This advert genuinely makes me happy.


So yeh, sounds working! If there's one thing I've learnt from doing this project is that something is usually not working because I left out the word 'static' when declaring the variable. That little word has helped out a lot here in getting certain things like working like the music to start playing once and only once when you start the game rather then creating an infinite amount of instances of the sound till it crashes. And also so that when you talk to someone you get a different conversation depending on how many times you've talked to them. Here for instance when you reach carriage 5 (background to be inserted) pressing the white square in the top left hand corner allows you to talk to the bartender, you can then not talk to him again until you have taken the phone call from Kemi, which to do so you must go outside into carriage 4. Once that's done you can talk to the Bartender again. That's were this demo ends but I shall be adding a multi choice question there which will be easy. I think I need to alter a few of the sounds like the PA ones so that you can't spam the text but other then that it's coming along nicely. Again no cutscene with this version so we can focus on the other areas.


  1. Right, I've been through your latest work so far and I've written a to do list:

    -Door sfx when moving between scenes including fade in/outs
    - Disable use of inventory during dialogue (for the guard tutorial, disable places for the player to move between places and force them to click/drag the ticket tot he guard). The tutorial is also accessible during other dialogues which then skips to the next section of no dialogue.
    -Overlay whatever audio is currently playing over the inventory menu
    -C4 to C5 fade in/out with audio, same with ambience tracks and character themes
    - Split screen for Yu's phone conversations

    Mid priority:
    - Bg animations for the windows and light flickering
    - 'Slide in' animations for the characters when they talk. Use the square boxes in the inventory menu to line the characters: make sure they do not exceed the lines and position them too high. I was playing through the engine on my 13'' macbook and the screen is actually slightly too small. So make sure there is an 'invisible border'.

    Low priority:
    - Button animations with sfx
    - "Day1 start/end" at the end of the op cutscene
    - When Kemi phones, have the phone ringing on loop. I actually wanted it so that the players would click 'examine' on the phone so that the bg will cut to a close up of Yu's phone. Players can choose to answer it or not, then it'll go to the phone dialogues.

    Hopefully this'll help. Let me know when you start working on the engine later today. Thanks!


    Also Jade, are the backgrounds going to have a moving effect on them? Like having it bob up and down so that it looks like the train is actually moving.

  3. Yes the bg will have moving effects on them (mainly just the windows) as they will be transparent. Shouldn't be to hard for Mike to implement!

    I don't think making it bob up and down will be such a good idea as it's a point and click game so i can see users getting annoyed with it!


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