Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Now you TOO can draw elephants in Hungry Whispers

Evening all. Busily working on the engine and about to call it a day but just thought I'd let you all know that the best feature we ever decided to implement into this game is finally in. You can draw elephants. I enclose my rendition of one. Oh yeh and the optional choice question at the end of day 1 is in too but the buttons to press are all blank so I need to create something for that. Every things going pretty smoothly at the moment and it's really just a case of getting everything into the engine. I'm going through the script systematically and so everything up to the point of the drawing puzzle is now in, albeit in a rather rougth way. Some talky bits don't have any animations or it claims the wrong character is talking but at the moment I just wanna get everything in there before I start doing all that stuff. But either way there will be an engine update tomorrow. And as another fun treat I just thought I'd let you all have a look at the code for the train carriage scene so far.


  1. Hmm I can't see the code anywhere but it appeared in the email.

    Brilliant Mike! I'm working on more sound stuff atm so they will be in drop box soon. I'll also start working on the ending cutscene ready for it to be animated and stuff. Other than that we're just about done with the asset making! So excited to see this finally being put together!

    Do you want me to make the buttons for the choices? I think use the 50% opacity black background at least to show the players that it's multiple choice.


  2. woo damn right its the best feature ever!!! this looks cool, i cant wait to try it out for real!! well done mike! ^^ have a cookie


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