Saturday, 15 October 2011

Very short update before going to bed

Phew ok. So the other day I discovered that the performance of HW engine was awful and within a few minutes it would throttle your RAM. I knew the performance wasn't optimised but I had no idea that it would be consuming about 1GB of ram. Anyway some tweeks later (mainly changing all the characters to sprite sheets rather then what I had done before) and it's working a lot better now. However if the game continues for long enougth it will eventually crash. It should be alright for the demo but it's something I will have to look into in the future but it's something I've wasted too much time on today but at least I did make some progress. Anyway, up to the oldman conversation, after that its the crash and hopefully I will have all that done by Sunday then can spend the rest of the week tweeking. Night night all!


  1. No problem, well done Mike! Sounds like you've got quite a lot done.

    We're halfway there; just need to put in all the assets and tweak like crazy! As long as all major assets are done by the end of the weekend I think we should be fine. Then it's just the case of polishing things off.

    Thanks again!

  2. well im not sure what a lot of that means but sounds like you've made some good progress so awesome work :D


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